The Saga Of Dr Disrespect: How Fame Killed the FPS Folk Hero

Here’s the truth: Every man will make mistakes in his lifetime. However, the severity of those mistakes is entirely dependent on each individual man himself.

What follows is a breakdown of the current, publicly available information regarding streamer Dr Disrespect’s recent downfall, from his original departure from Twitch to the current dust up surrounding that situation.

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To begin with, who is Dr Disrespect?

Legally recognized by the name Herschel ‘Guy’ Beahm IV, ‘The Doc’ first gained online notoriety due to his enthusiasm for Call of Duty.

In 2011, his love for the game eventually earned him a job with its actual developer Sledgehammer Games. There, Beahm would work his way up from community manager to level designer, all the while separating his work as on the PvP shooter from his Dr Disrespect persona.

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This separation would eventually come to an end in 2015 when Beahm returned to streaming as Dr Disrespect.

His flamboyant character and high-quality production values would go on to earn him a large following on Twitch – So much so that not only did he go on to win several of the platform’s ‘Streamer of the Year’ awards, but for a time, he was regarded as the most popular gaming streamer in the entire world.

From there, his heightened status would lead to him garnering both various brand deals and, of course, attention from people across all walks of life.

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Dr Disrespect Admits to Cheating

To this end, in 2017, Dr Disrespect tearfully admitted to cheating on his wife of 8-years (at the time) during that year’s Twitchcon.

While this admission shocked a great deal of his fans, many of whom viewed Beahm as a folk hero who represented their inner champion, the streamer ultimately did not suffer any significant backlash for his marital impropriety.

It should be noted that he was not championed for this either. The fanbase accepted this transgression. Various excuses were made by fans that felt it necessary to explain away Doc’s adultery, while others simply accepted it as a casualty of his fame and believed his declaration that he would stay in his lane going forward.

Guy did not reveal the identity of the woman he had been having an affair with. Speculation has also led to the theory that Dr Disrespect had multiple partners that his wife was not aware of.

Dr Disrespect Returns to Streaming

After a brief hiatus from September 2017 to February of 2018, Dr Disrespect returned to regular streaming hours and maintained a strong following going forward until 2020. His career faced a significant setback in June of that year when Twitch permanently banned him without providing specific reasons, sparking widespread speculation and controversy. This bewilderment would persist, fueled by Guy admitting that he did not know the reasons for his ban.

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Following the ban, Beahm filed a lawsuit against Twitch, which was settled in his favor in March 2022.The details were not made clear to the public following the event. Twitch did not admit any wrongdoing, and likewise Doc did not admit any either; which once again left fans and his former colleagues at Twitch perplexed. When pressured for information, Guy declared he would be moving on from the topic and no longer discussing the case itself, nor any of the details of the case. Instead, Guy used the attention on his situation to make his fanbase aware of his migration to Youtube, where his monetization wasn’t challenged.

Things would proceed from there with little to no hiccups with the Dr Disrespect persona and Guy Beahm’s continued streaming career until June of 2024, when a former Twitch employee made claims that he had been inappropriate with an underage Twitch user, and that those DMs are what earned Doc’s removal from the platform. These DMs were promised to be revealed at a live music show related to the Twitch employee’s band.

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Dr Disrespect Accused, And His Response

In response to these allegations, Guy Beahm issued a statement on X clarifying the situation. In this post Doc explains that the messages did not begin with him, and that while they did drift into inappropriate territory from time to time, this was not Beahm’s intent with the messages. He further clarified that he is not a sexual predator, nor a pedophile. He maintains that the conversations between himself and the minor Twitch user were not illegal by the current standards of the laws applicable to him as an adult communicating with a minor.

Although this admission was disturbing to the majority of Doc’s fanbase, the attempt to edit out the word “minor” from his confession post was discovered and called out. The X post was also met by a tidal wave of responses from those closely associated with Beahm, and those not so closely associated with him. Among those voices was longtime gaming collaborator Nickmercs, who made a video and post regarding his thoughts on the truth coming out as well as his condemnation of Guy’s actions and hiding them for so long.

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Enter Leena Love

Mingled in with the flurry of new information coming out about Dr Disrespect’s extramarital antics, rests Leena Love. Love is a trans sex worker who has produced DMs of Dr Disrespect communicating very intimately with Leena on multiple platforms. In one instance, Guy declares that he is self pleasuring, and requests direction from Leena. The OnlyFans model had this to say: “During that time in 2017 when he was cheating on his wife with not only me a trans s*x worker but also another woman, and texting a minor . He was exploiting me by making me give him cam shows with the promise of partnership. After the cam shows he went ahead and blocked me.” 

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At this time, Leena’s claims are unverified by Dr Disrespect or a third party with authority on the matter. What was presented is a screen recording of Leena’s conversations with Beahm. It is assumed by this author that these are the most damning of the communications, but I also believed this tale ended when Guy Beahm admitted to having inappropriate communications with a minor…

Screenshot: Dr Disrespect Twitter

As of this writing, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm has not returned to streaming since the admission post on June 25th 2024. YouTube has suspended monetization on Dr Disrespect’s channel for violating their Creator Responsibility policy. This action came in the wake of new allegations and admissions from Dr Disrespect regarding inappropriate communications with a minor, which led to a broader fallout, including the termination of his relationships with several companies and organizations such as Turtle Beach, the San Francisco 49ers, and Midnight Society, the game studio he co-founded​.

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Author’s Note: Be humble. Remember that you bleed red, not gold. Value your mortality, and never view yourself as a god. These words alone cannot prevent mistakes, but they can help to keep you from making the same mistakes as Dr Disrespect.

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