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October 18, 2023
Josie Campbell reveals My Adventures with Superman shied away from the usual suspect foes because of Warner Bros.
October 11, 2023
My Adventures with Superman co-producer Josie Campbell tries to paint Asian Lois Lane’s short hair as a tribute to John Byrne.
October 6, 2023
My Adventures With Superman won’t include Batman anytime soon according to series co-producer Josephine Campbell.
August 15, 2023
Series creator Jake Wyatt confirms more “heavily redesigned” characters will be introduced in My Adventures with Superman.
July 31, 2023
The new episode of My Adventures with Superman sees Lois guilt-tripping Clark into revealing his secret identity, and fans aren’t having it.
July 25, 2023
Executive Producer Josie Campbell Confirms Lois Lane Race-Swapped to Korean in My Adventures with Superman
Superman (Jack Quaid) gets an emergency phone call in My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Episode 2 "My Interview with Superman" (2023), DC Animation
July 10, 2023
DC fans are unhappy with a number of the creative choices made in DC’s anime-inspired ‘My Adventures with Superman’.
June 11, 2021
The upcoming My Adventure With Superman series will be a “romantic comedy” and has thus far tested better with girls.
May 19, 2021
HBO Max and Warner Bros. Animation announced a brand new Superman animated series titled My Adventures with Superman that features a race swapped Jimmy Olsen.