The duo of the Russo brothers are Marvelites through and through but Joe Russo admits he is not partial. Sitting down with in Los Angeles, the Endgame co-director took questions for almost an hour and, at the tail end, a fan picked Russo’s brain about DC.

When asked what character he and his brother would be willing to adapt, his answer was predictable but appealing:

“As far as what I collected as a kid, I collected Batman. [That] was one of the DC characters I collected. So it would have to be Batman.”

The Russos are hands down the most successful directors of superhero blockbusters today and that can be taken in terms of strictly Avengers: Endgame. Marvel’s close to its ten-year saga crossed $1.2 billion upon opening and is now one of the biggest moneymakers of all time.

In that respect, they are Marvel’s billion-dollar babies. But they are by no means exclusive to them, outside of contractual obligations, and no self-respecting nerd gives himself or herself the ultimatum of DC or Marvel.

James Gunn certainly doesn’t, saying recently the schism doesn’t exist. He, of course, is an avid caretaker of the Guardians of the Galaxy on the big screen and now The Suicide Squad.

Joe Russo directed a 2011 episode of Community (“Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism”) involving a Batman theme. Danny Pudi suits up in a cape and cowl to track down his missing Dark Knight DVD. Pudi had a cameo in Captain America: Civil War. 

After Civil War, Winter Soldier, and two straight Avengers movies that cover so much ground, dabbling in sci-fi conventions and those of political thrillers, and have the right balance of action, comedy, and brooding philosophy, the potential of what the Russos could bring to the Caped Crusader is intriguing. They could definitely “crack” a script that wants to bring on the villains.

The Batman is experiencing another delay but Warner Bros. has not expressed any desire to replace Matt Reeves. For now, Joe and Anthony Russo are re-teaming with Chadwick Boseman for the gritty police drama, 21 Bridges.