Warner Bros. Pokemon Detective Pikachu is currently in theaters and audiences are finally getting to see Ryan Reynolds voice the cute, yellow Pikachu.

With audiences seeing the film, they are also taking to Rotten Tomatoes to rate the film. The film currently has an 86% rating from 936 reviews.

Detective Pikachu Rotten Tomatoes

Here’s what the audience is saying:

Irsyad n gives the movie 3 stars. They write, “finally we have a decent video game movie. Detective Pikachu prove that a video game could be a pretty decent movie if you put the works in it. With enough heartwarming moment and a great characterization by Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu it stands out among other video game movie. there is some lacking though as the movie plot seems to predictable and lacking any depth to it.”

Brian G gives the film fives stars. He writes, “Great movie for kids and their parents who probably grew up in the original Pokemon era. There are enough twists to not be bored for the parents and they aren’t so complicated as to confuse the kids.”

Anthony D gave the film five stars. He wrote, “Amazing graphics and story. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.”

Jan D gave the film 4 stars. She wrote, “The Pokemon look amazing and Ryan Reynolds is perfect as detective Pikachu. The only downside is the plot. It’s a bit to predictable.”

Jessica A gives the film five stars. She writes, “Like most I was concerned with how it’d turn out but I loved it enough to make a rotton tomotoes account to give it 5 star cause I was hella impressed.”

Keith G also gives it five stars. He writes, “I loved this movie, great cast choice. The hidden humour and snappy one liners, mixed with cute little pokemon make it a perfect family movie.”

Yoad P gives the film two stars. They write, “The movie was alright at best. It wasn’t ruined by Hollywood but I felt like it was a wage of time to watch it in the theatre. Very predictable.”

Bayron F gives the move three stars. They write, “A nice adaptation, of what a real Pokemon World would look like, the script could have been better but the premise is solid enough to keep watching it till the end. (Just the ending was like “Ugh”) BTW Pikachu was super freaking adorable.”

Garrett B gives the movie 4 stars. He writes, “Excellent visuals on top of a snappy pace. There’s room for improvement here, and the third act sort of falls apart, but I left that film far more satisfied than what could have happened.”

Lyndis G gives the movie four and a half stars. She writes, “Early critic reviews scared me, so I went in with low expectations. Didn’t need anything more than a mediocre movie with some cool looking CGI Pokemon. I ended up absolutely loving it! It’s a silly kids movie, but it’s a really well made silly kids movie. Don’t go in if you’re expecting something very serious or if you don’t like Pokemon at all, I can’t imagine enjoying it if I didn’t. If you do like Pokemon and just want a casual movie to watch on a Friday night it’s a great choice.”

On Metacritic, fans have a similar response. The User Score is 8.1 with 77 positive, 8 mixed, and 7 negative.

Detective Pikachu metacritic

SnowydayUK gives the movie a 10. They write, “OMG Detective Pikachu was awesome I can’t wait for the sequel to come out.”

Skeptec also gives it a 10. They write, “Go see it. This movie is amazing. Pikachu is adorable. The storys decent. What more do ya need?”

MatamesiQuieres gave the film a 0. They wrote, “Worst video game movie ever, even worse than Street Fighter and House of the Dead.”

Grendizer gives the film a 7. They wrote, “Was entertained, liked the twisty twists. female friend not knowing the franchise was satisfied. For a video game/anime movie, it’s solid.”

Megajohn85 gives the film a 3. They wrote, “I know this is a spin-off from the main series but seriously this is not the Pokemon I grew up on. I’m really saddened by this.”

TheWaffle gives the film a 7. They write, “Good clean fun. The plot is really simplified down for the kids and the PG rating. The directing and editing are weaker than they should be, quite a few ideas are left hanging, and the early minutes of the film are mostly shots of the main character moping around aimlessly. I’m glad to see them take such an out-on-a-limb shot with this movie, but the PG rating and the middling directing hold this film back.”

Pokemon Detective Pikachu had a very strong Thursday night. Box Office Mojo reports the film brought in $5.7 million.

Warner Bros. expects the film to bring in $40 million on its opening weekend and to rake in $100 million during its run at the domestic box office.

Do you plan on seeing Pokemon Detective Pikachu? What do you make of these audience scores?