DC Comics revealed a first look at Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.’s upcoming DC Black Label book Superman: Year One.

Not only did they reveal a first look, but both Frank Miller and Romita Jr. discussed the upcoming project on DC Comics.

Superman: Year One

Miller revealed a brief synospsis about the book:

“This is baby Kal-El’s odyssey from planet Krypton to planet Earth. From a strange little boy to Superman. It’s a hero’s journey wherein a boy discovers his powers and more importantly, his destiny.”

He would add, “Superman arrives. Nothing will be the same.”

Superman: Year One

Romita Jr. would elaborate on the story:

“It’s a different take on the origin and the growing up of Superman. It’s really peeling away the layers of the character, aging from infant to young adult and then finally to adult. The periods of time that we are covering haven’t really been covered before, other than maybe some tiny vignettes, and this really investigates deeply each of these moments in his life. It applies the problems of being an alien in Kansas, amongst regular children, and how he has to deal with it. It’s a deep, deep examination of the growing up of a super-alien living on planet Earth.”

Superman: Year One

Romita Jr., would detail that he included a number of his own experiences into the story.

“I kind of brought some of the things I experienced—football playing, running into bullies and dealing with crushes as an adolescent. I tried to do that because there are areas that you can’t print out to use as reference. So, I tried to give some of my own experiences in those moments.”

Superman: Year One

He also revealed that Clark Kent will join the Navy.

“And then Frank brought in Clark going into the Navy, and I was able to run with that as Clark goes to the SEALs. Frank even contacted the SEALs to take a look at this and they gave us their approval, which was so great.”

When asked why he was excited about the project, Romita Jr. would detail just how massive the project is from its length to the paper it’s printed on.

“First, working with Frank. He and I go back way too long in the business. Second, working on possibly the most famous, iconic character in the business. And third, the size and scope of this—200 pages of story on super-large paper, for a super-large format. Everything about this is large.”

Superman: Year One

Miller confirmed the book ties into his Dark Knight Universe as well as Batman: Year One.

“It ties in with my Dark Knight Universe and Batman: Year One.”

Miller described the story as his “best with very good material and an incredible character.” Romita Jr. added the story is “a complete examination of Superman from birth.” He also boasted, “I say this with humility and as a humble, shy person, but this is the best book you’re ever going to read.”

Superman: Year One

Superman: Year One #1 by Frank Miller, John Romita Jr., Danny Miki, and Alex Sinclair will hit comic book shelves on June 19, 2019.

Do you plan on checking out Superman: Year One? What do you make of these preview pages?