Napoleon Dynamite Comic Book Sequel Announced

IDW Publishing announced a sequel to the cult classic film Napoleon Dynamite. The sequel will be a 4-issue comic book series from writers Carlos Guzman-Verdugo and Alejandro Verdugo. They will be joined by artist Jorge Monlongo.

The series will return to Idaho where Pedro is the student body president. However, Pedro has been accused of cheating in the election and the principal is closing in on impeaching Pedro. Napoleon and Deb will have to work their magic in order to prevent Pedro from being impeached.

Napoleon Dynamite #1

Napoleon Dynamite is a pop-culture staple, a coming-of-age cult classic that spoke to the weirdo in all of us,” says Alejandro Verdugo. “It’s an honor to have the chance to expand on the lives of Napoleon, Deb, and Pedro — characters that continue to resonate to this day. I still see people wearing ‘Vote for Pedro’ t-shirts!”

With this new story, we’re focusing on matching the movie’s unique tone, finding that perfect blend of oddball comedy and charming slice-of-life drama. It’s certainly been a challenge but one we’re sure will pay off for long-time fans. And the best part: we get to rewatch a lot of Napoleon Dynamite!” says Carlos Guzman-Verdugo.

Editor Tom Waltz says, “Fifteen years ago, an unsuspecting world was introduced to the bizarre cinematic world of Napoleon Dynamite… and it was flippin’ sweet! And now we have the freakin’ awesome opportunity to show off our really good comic-book-making skills with a tale that picks up right where Napoleon and his friends left off. It’s almost like we borrowed Uncle Rico’s mail-order time machine… and it actually worked this time!”

Napoleon Dynamite #1 will feature a cover by Sara Richard as well as a special Photo Edition. There will also be Jorge Monlongo “Swords and Sorcery and Sci-Fi and Skills” variant covers.

The series will hit comic book shelves some time in September.

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