Arnold Schwarzenegger has found himself in the middle of another controversy. This time a thief attempted to steal his bicycle at the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California.

Schwarzenegger recently was at the center of attention after he was attacked by a man who drop kicked him from behind while attending the Arnold Sports Festival in South Africa.

The Blast reports a thief was attempting to steal Schwarzenegger’s bicycle as he was about to leave the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California following his morning workout.

An eyewitness to the event, Douglas Nichols of Rapids Video Group LLC captured video following the altercation. One of Schwarzenegger’s security team appears to be confronting the alleged thief.

You can hear in the video that an eyewitnesses indicates that someone came in and told Arnold that someone was trying to steal his custom bicycle. One person says, “He was going to steal Arnold’s bike or someone’s bike.”

In the Instagram post, Nichols shares photos of one of Schwarzenegger’s security team holding the alleged thief at bay with what looks to be a taser.

The alleged thief can be seen below wearing a red bandanna over his face.

Following the apparent attempted bicycle theft, Schwarzenegger took some time to pose for photos with a number of fans. He then hopped on his bicycle and rode away.

The Blast indicated the LAPD did not receive a report about an attempted bike theft. It’s unclear if Schwarzenegger will take any action against him following the incident.

What do you make of this attempted bike theft of Arnold Schwarzenegger?



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