Tiffany Haddish, who will star in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Vertigo Comics’ The Kitchen, recently described the Georgia Heartbeat bill as “new slavery.”

Haddish recently cancelled an upcoming comedy show in Atlanta due to the heartbeat bill. She told ticket purchasers, “After much deliberation, I am postponing my upcoming show in Atlanta. I love the state of Georgia, but I need to stand with women and until they withdraw Measure HB481, I cannot in good faith perform there.”

Haddish was questioned by TMZ about canceling her show where she described the Georgia bill as “new slavery.”


Haddish stated, “No, that wasn’t tough at all. If I can’t have control over my body and if no other woman can have control over her body, why would I perform there?”

She was then asked, “Is there any reasonable compromise? How is this going to get solved?” Haddish responded, “I don’t know how it’s going to get solved to be honest with you. But what I do know is slavery is not cool. If you try and use someone… I read that bill and it looks like new slavery to me.”

Haddish would state that she would not be offended by people who would take a job in the state of Georgia, “I’m never offended by anybody who takes a job that needs a job. Look if you need a job, take your motherf****** job. Get your job. But at the end of the day, remember there is a lot of us out here that are trying to create a better Earth. And what is right for…I’m sorry. I don’t want nobody to tell me how I can control my body. I’ve been there. I was state property. I was a foster youth. I belonged to the government of California. The government of California determines what I get to do with my body. Now that I’m a grown woman, I get to determine what I do with my body.”

She added, “So, if you tell me I have to do what you say, I don’t even know you. You don’t even know where I live. You don’t know what I go through. You ain’t came through my neighborhood. You ain’t slept in my bed. You don’t know what I have to deal with. And you are telling me I gotta do what you say. But can I come live in your house? If whatever happened to me, can I be there with you? No. I cannot. But you telling me how to control my uterus.”

Haddish is the latest celebrity to speak out against the Georgia heartbeat bill. Recently, director Spike Lee called for Hollywood to “shut it down” in Georgia in response to the heartbeat bill. Major corporations such as Netflix, Disney, WarnerMedia, and others all released statements indicating they might pull production from the state if the bill goes into effect.

Alyssa Milano first began campaigning against the bill when she circulated a letter calling for Hollywood Studios to boycott the state of Georgia if the bill was passed. After the bill was passed, Milano called for a sex strike.

What do you make of Tiffany Haddish’s comments?

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