Rumor: Stella Smith to Play Artemis in DC Universe’s Stargirl

A new rumor indicates that actress Stella Smith will be playing Artemis in the upcoming Stargirl live-action show on DC Universe.

The rumor comes from Lance Ausfresser in the Stargirl Facebook group.

Lance posted in the group writing, “It hasn’t been officially announced & she’s not allowed to say and hasn’t but, I’ll let everyone here know she’ll be playing Artemis, might even be Tigress.” Ausfresser previously revealed a set photo from Stargirl that appears to reveal the show is connected to DC Universe’s Doom Patrol.

Smith has confirmed she will be appearing in Stargirl, but she has not revealed her character. Over the past week, Smith has regularly been updating her fans on Twitter and noted that she was back on set for Stargirl and even recently had a stunt double perform an action scene for her.

Smith also recently posted that she picked up a Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comic.

The comic in questions is Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #4 by Geoff Johns, Lee Moder, Dan Davis and Tim McCraw. The comic in question features the return of Solomon Grundy and a team-up with the Marvel family. It’s possible we might see a loose adaptation of the storyline as the story details the death of the original Star Spangled Kid aka Sylvester Pemberton and sees Courtney Whitmore and Pat Dugan recruited by Doctor Occult in order to save the world.

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E

While Dugan tells the the story of Pemberton’s death, he also reveals that he had formed a team called Infinity Inc. and that’s where the tie-in to Smith’s rumored character of Artemis is.

Artemis originally appeared in the pages of Infinity, Inc. #34. She would begin life as a supervillain and help break her parents out of prison and even joined the Injustice Unlimited team. She actually was part of the team that killed Skyman.

Artemis would be radically changed when DC Comics launched the New 52. She would be a hero who aided the Teen Titans.

However, her most well known depiction comes from her role in Young Justice. In Young Justice, Artemis is the daughter of Huntress and Sportsmaster. However, she becomes Green Arrow’s new sidekick and joins the Young Justice team even getting romantically involved with Wally West.

What do you make of this rumor that Smith will be playing Artemis and potentially becoming Tigress as the show progresses? Do you think she will play villain or hero in the show?

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