Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic have both revealed their critic score for the upcoming Child’s Play reboot.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer score currently sits at 68% from 38 reviews.

Here’s what the critics are saying:

Jake Wilson at Sydney Morning Herald gives the film a 3/5. He writes, “Inevitably, much of the thematic material feels sketched in rather than fully realised, though the sense of possibilities jostling against each other is part of the pleasure of this kind of genre cinema.”

Elizabeth Weitzman at TheWrap gives the film a positive review. She writes, “The movie’s biggest strength is its balance between mordant humor and psychological fear. Everyone’s focus seems to be in a very old-fashioned place, and here that’s an asset.”

Adam Woodward at Little White Lies gives the film a 3/4. He writes, “A cut above your average horror reboot.”

Ben Kenigsberg at the New York Times gives the film a rotten review. He writes, “In trying to build a smarter Chucky, the filmmakers have assembled something unfathomably dumb.”

Peter Bradshaw at the Guardian gives the film a 4/5. He writes, “Child’s Play bubbles with entertaining bad taste.”

Christian Holub at Entertainment Weekly gives the film a C+. She writes, “By giving Chucky a reason to kill, the new movie’s arc can’t help but dilute his menace a bit.”


As is typically the case, the Metacritic Metascore is much lower than Rotten Tomatoes. The film current has a 48 Metascore with 5 positive reviews, 10 mixed, and 2 negative.

Here’s what the critics are saying:

James Mottram gives at Total Film gives the movie an 80. He writes, “If your humour skews towards the sick and twisted, then this box-fresh Child’s Play will give you one almighty kick.”

Meagan Navarro at Consequence of Sound gives the film a 67. She writes, “Child’s Play is pure entertaining fun for the horror fan, but not much else. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, nor does it offer much depth, particularly with its characters. While the cast is amiable enough, they’re mostly surface-level archetypes.”

Rosie Knight at IGN gives the film a 62. She states, “Child’s Play is a passable but plain remake that’s saved by a blisteringly bonkers third act.”

Robbie Collin at The Telegraph gives the film a 60. He writs, “For those of us old enough to have been terrorised the first time round, it delivers a nasty-but-nice-enough childhood flashback.”

Matt Donato at We Got This Covered gives the film a 50. He writes, “Your enjoyment of Child’s Play will depend on if “Chucky 2.0” is funny enough for your horror comedy tastes, because without investment in Kaslan’s “Buddi,” there’s not much to appreciate beyond a few gnarly slasher deaths.”

Richard Whittaker at the Austin Chronicle gives the film a 30. He writes, “Worst of all, its mix of horror and comedy never walks the tightrope of shrieking absurdism that the originals did at their peak (and it’s easy to forget that they started as a straight horror franchise). Instead, it ends up with the off-putting meanspiritedness of late-era Charles Band, the king of 2000s straight-to-video exploitation.”

Child’s Play is in theaters on June 21st.

What do you make of these critic reactions? Will they sway you one way or the other to see Child’s Play? Do you plan on seeing Child’s Play?