Viral Films Media hit its funding goal of $750,000 for its upcoming superhero film Rebel’s Run based off the Alt-Hero comic book universe created by Vox Day.

Viral Films Media has currently raised $847,900 for the superhero film that will be written by Vox Day and Chuck Dixon and directed by Scooter Downey, who recently co-directed Mike Cernovich’s Hoaxed documentary.

The investment campaign is still ongoing with Viral Films Media setting a maximum investment goal of $1,070,000.

Viral Films Media, who state the purpose of their founding is to provide “an alternative to the major Hollywood studios, hopes to “demonstrate that a small independent start-up can challenge and outdo Hollywood.” They add, “Rebel’s Run will present audiences with a bold and exciting new vision of the superhero. In the place of yet another remake of a comic book from the 1940s, Rebel’s Run will introduce a new comics universe full of entirely new superheroes to the screen, with fearless storytelling inspired by a game-changing, counter-cultural spirit.”

Viral Films Media has already partnered with Galatia Films and will see Daniel McNicoll and Nuala Barton producing Rebel’s Run.

Vox Day premiered the first teaser trailer for the film on a livestream back in July. He praised the level of talent involved in the project, “The level of talent that is taking in part in this whether its with Chuck Dixon being the lead scriptwriter…we’ve got a great script. You can see from the trailer, the director, Scooter, has a really great visual eye. We are going to bring so many very strong elements to the table that I think that people are going to be really surprised at the final result.” Day would add, “We are actually aiming for one of the best movie soundtracks. I want a soundtrack that is going to stand up against the Matrix, Mortal Kombat Annihilation…”

Here’s the official release details:

“Viral Films Media will be partnering with Arkhaven Comics and Galatia Films to produce Rebel’s Run. Viral Films Media LLC is a new film company formed to produce a live-action superhero film – Rebel’s Run –  based on characters from the Alt-Hero comic book universe created by Vox Day and Arkhaven Comics.

In producing Rebel’s Run, Viral Films Media will be working together with an outstanding team of creators and production professionals to produce an independent live-action superhero film. The creative and production team includes Arkhaven Comics, scriptwriters Vox Day and legendary comic book writer Chuck Dixon, director Scooter Downey, and production company Galatia Films, with Daniel McNicoll and Nuala Barton producing. The production will be filmed in Georgia.”

Do you plan on investing into Rebel’s Run? Are you looking forward to what Viral Films Media, Chuck Dixon, Vox Day, and Scooter Downey have cooking up?