ABC and Marvel are in talks to bring a mostly brand new female superhero to the broadcast network.

ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke revealed the project to Deadline, “I have spoken to Marvel and we are in active talks about one project in particular.” Burke added that it would be “something brand new, mostly.”

Deadline indicates ABC wants to “ensure that there is at least one Marvel property on air on the broadcast network at any given time.” They also reported that the show “would fit in with [ABC’s] strategy of female-focused superheroes.” (RELATED: Disney Passes on Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren Action Series: Not “Female-Focused”)

ABC had previously passed on a separate female-centric Marvel superhero show from Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg. Speculation indicated that show would have featured the A-Force, Lady Liberators, or the Fearless Defenders. (RELATED: ABC Passes on Female-Centric Marvel Superhero Show)

It’s unclear what this mostly new character could be, but Deadline mentions She-Hulk and Danielle Moonstar as possible candidates.

There was a rumor back in April that She-Hulk would appear alongside Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk in a Disney+ series. However, that rumor remains just that, a rumor. (RELATED: Rumor: Marvel Developing She-Hulk and Hulk Series Starring Mark Ruffalo for Disney+)

As for Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage, she is scheduled to appear in the delayed New Mutants film. She will be portrayed by actress Blu Hunt. Given she is expected to appear in New Mutants, it’s unlikely she would be used in this possible ABC show. (RELATED: New Mutants: 7 Incredible Facts About The Powerful, Powerless Danielle ‘Dani’ Moonstar)

“Something Brand New, Mostly”

What really stands out to me is the quote from Burke. She indicates the character will be “something brand new, mostly.” Adding that adverb qualifier of “mostly” reveals the character in and of itself isn’t new.

However, following Marvel’s recent announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, it’s more than likely it could be a gender-swapped character that comic book fans have not seen before. It’s possible we could see female versions of the X-men like Cyclops, Gambit, or Beast.

What do you make of this news? Are you interested in seeing “something, brand new mostly” that fits in with ABC’s strategy of female-focused superheroes?