Second issues of the Dawn of X relaunch and details of a seventh X-Men book have been revealed.

Marvel’s X-Men summer event books House of X and Powers of X have barely begun, but the November solicits bring with them news of the next stage for the franchise. Though we have no real idea of how things will ultimately turn out by summer’s end, it looks like the Dawn of X will be action-packed!

Marvel released the covers of all the second issues of the Dawn of X books including Fallen Angels, X-Men, X-Force, Excalibur, New Mutants and Marauders. But they didn’t come alone, news of a new title was also announced to join the franchise lineup!

Marvel Debuts New X-Men Covers and a New Book for November!

The cover of Marauders #2 displays classic Hellfire Club members Sebastion Shaw and Emma Frost, the White Queen, moving pieces on a board. The main focus being fashioned after Kitty Pryde and her ship, the Marauder. How does Emma breakaway from the Hellfire Club and rejoin the X-Men?

X-Men #2 has Cyclops and his two time-displaced children Kid Cable and Rachel battling an otherworldly tentacle monster. Could this be part of their journey that brings Corsair and Vulcan into their ranks?

Marvel Debuts New X-Men Covers and a New Book for November!

The New Mutants including Generation-X members Chamber and Mondo, look as if they are stranded in space and in dire straits. Even with their current dilemma, someone unsuspected is dropping in on them. What happens in issue one that has them in the vacuum?

Fallen Angel #2 seems to be getting a bit political as Kwannon, Kid Cable, and X-23 are standing in between troops and a group of caged children.

Marvel Debuts New X-Men Covers and a New Book for November!

X-Force #2’s prominently displays Wolverine and Quintin Quire (and his psi-shotgun) battling some unknown, faceless, foes. Why are they by themselves, and will Wolverine put up with Quire long enough to get the job done?

Excalibur, a book based around myth and legend of Otherworld, has the team, including Apocalypse, holding their ground against web-clawed foes. What significance does the lighthouse in the background hold?

Marvel Debuts New X-Men Covers and a New Book for November!

Topping off the reveals, Marvel announced the debut of yet another Deadpool ongoing series. The surprise isn’t the fact that the Merc with the Mouth is getting another book- but whom will be handling writing duties. That special someone is none other than Kelly Thompson. Thompson is no stranger to writing the X-Men, having helmed the Rogue & Gambit mini-series, Mr. and Mrs. X, and had a hand in Uncanny X-Men: Disassembled. She’s not even new to writing Deadpool himself. He was utilized heavily in the first arc of Mr. and Mrs. X as a foil to the newlyweds.

What books are you looking forward to? Let us know below!

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