It’s looking like the cast of Titans could grow even more and include another major DC hero, no less.

Cosmic Book News is saying Superman is due for a supporting role in the DC Universe Original, similar to how Batman was introduced. CBN’s Matt McGloin writes, “Titans Season 1 saw Batman used in the shadows, which is how it is said Superman will be used for Titans Season 2.”

The ending of Season 1 teased the introduction of Superboy, played by Joshua Orpin, and his dog Krypto. Together, they broke out of a lab. He will be embroiled more in the coming season and a new Season 2 trailer gives us a better look at him. Check it out:

Superboy is a clone of Superman so they share DNA and the elder Kal-El might look at their relationship as a mentor-mentee, if not a father-son, one, a lot like Batman’s relation to Dick Grayson albeit less strained, quite possibly.

McGloin thinks Superman, or at least Clark Kent, won’t appear in full until Season 3, much like we are going to see when Iain Glen starts portraying Bruce Wayne after Batman only showed up in shadow a season ago. (RelatedGame Of Thrones’ Iain Glen To Be Next Bruce Wayne)

If Kal does turn up, he will be joining an ensemble that’s already loaded. Aside from Iain Glen as Wayne, Esai Morales is donning the helmet of Deathstroke, Drew Van Acker comes ashore as Aqualad, Chelsea T. Zhang is Deathstroke’s daughter Ravager and Chella Man plays Jericho. (RelatedFirst Look at Ravager and Aqualad for DC Universe’s Titans Season 2 Revealed!)

Until that happens, Brandon Routh and Tyler Hoechlin, in the meantime, return to Superman on The CW for the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, something else all the stops are being pulled out for. Clips and actors, especially Henry Cavill, from the cinematic DC Extended Universe might be put to use. (Related: Report: CW Crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths Will Feature DCEU Characters Plus Lynda Carter, Burt Ward, and Tom Welling!)

Superman’s live-action bows will stick to TV for now. Cavill’s future is in question and reportedly JJ Abrams is next in line to take a crack at the Man of Steel. He may cast a younger actor in the same way Robert Pattinson is now Batman. (Related: Report: J.J. Abrams Might Be the Next to Take on Superman and Green Lantern)

Titans Season 2 streams exclusively on DC Universe.

Do you think Titans needs Superman? Should they wait a full season, like they did Batman? Who do you believe should play him? Let us know.