An attack on a German synagogue was livestreamed on Amazon’s Twitch platform with what appears to be a head-mounted GoPro type camera.

The attacker would unsuccessfully try and gain entrance to a synagogue, before killing two people and wounding two bystanders.

The attack occurred in Halle, a city in eastern Germany. It also comes on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jewish people.

In the Twitch video, which lasts about 35 minutes, the attacker shouts various anti-Semitic slogans.

According to police, one suspect has been arrested in connection with the incident. The alleged shooter and the victims have not yet been identified by authorities.

Twitch has since responded to the shooting via Twitter:

Here are the latest updates:

Amazon, the parent company of Twitch, has not released a statement.

The attack is not dissimilar to the Christchurch, New Zealand attack this past March, where the attacker used Facebook Live to stream the shooting.

In the wake of this incident, many Twitch users are calling for the platform to do more in enforcing its TOS. It seems more and more of these violent incidents are live streamed to social media by the unhinged individuals perpetrating them.

Accountability has to come to these platforms. For Twitch’s part, perhaps live content quality assurance teams would be an asset they could look into.

What do you make of Twitch’s response?

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