Behaviour Interactive has announced that the “Withering Blight” event for Dead by Daylight will begin October 22nd.

Traditionally, this event involves getting enough event currency to purchase exclusive themed cosmetics.

This year, you’ll be able to get exclusive blight cosmetics for the Nurse, the Plague, the Clown, the Hag, the Spirit, and survivor Jake Park.

Along with the event, the game will be getting its own battle pass feature.

Gamers have a split opinion on battle pass features in games, as they usually pressure a player to spend money to avoid a grind.

Dead By Daylight’s battle pass will be called the Rift. The Rift will allow players to complete different challenges.

In turn, these can be used to obtain the new cosmetics in the upcoming mid-chapter update.

The Rift has both a free and a premium path. Every player has access to the free path, the premium will cost 10 dollars. (1ooo Auric cells)

It consists of 70 tiers of limited time cosmetics and rewards. Each Rift cycle will be available for 70 days, ample time to get all the rewards.

Players also have the option to purchase tiers individually on the pass at the cost of 1 dollar per tier. (100 Auric cells)

The Rift also has an exclusive currency called Rift fragments. Rift Fragments can be earned by completing the challenges found in the Tome, another new game feature.

The Tome is an ancient archive where you can find special challenges. Once a challenge is completed, the player will be awarded some Rift fragments and bloodpoints.

The Withering Blight event will run from October 22nd to November 1st.

A detailed explanation on the Rift and the Tome can be found on the game’s website.

Are you excited for this year’s DBD halloween event? What does a battle pass mean for Dead by Daylight’s future? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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