Timothy Lim announced he will continue his Wall-Might series with the third installment, Wall-Might: The Magalorian.

Lim took to Twitter to make the announcement writing, “Mark Pellegrini and I have started pre-production on our book, The MAGALORIAN, debuting in May/June!”

He added, “This book follows My Hero Magademia and Wall-Might: First Term Part II in the series, both of which are available via Antarctic Press!”

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Along with the announcement, Lim shared a cover featuring a MAGA’d out Mandalorian bounty hunter wearing a tattered American flag as a cape. His communicator on his helmet is also the American flag.

The Magalorian is also wielding a golden pistol with the numbers ’45’ engraved on the barrel. He also has a mini MOAB mounted on his gauntlet.

As you can see below, he’s also protecting a Baby Statue of Liberty. It’s unclear what the character’s name is at this time, but I think Baby Liberty might be appropriate.

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The Baby Liberty’s cradle features both a Democrat and Republican symbol.

Mark Pelligrini told us this story will conclude the Wall-Might Trilogy, and it will also include a FLOTUS back-up story.

“The epic Wall-Might Trilogy concludes with this, the final installment: The MAGAlorian. The Supreme Leader of the Deep State has at last revealed himself, putting his ultimate plan into motion. Wall-Might must don the armor of the MAGAlorian to protect America’s future from an army that would see it extinguished forever. Also thrill to the adventures of FLOTUS in her own back-up tale!”

Mark tells us the book is “tentatively scheduled for crowdfunding on IndieGoGo in May or June.”

Are you looking forward to Wall-Might: The Magalorian?

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