WWE 2K20, the latest entry in 2K Games’ annual WWE series, rang in the New Year with players encountering a previously undiscovered bug that caused consistent and widespread game crashes.

On January 1st, as clocks rolled over from the year 2019 to the year 2020, players discovered that attempts to play any of the game modes resulted in an immediate crash, as seen in the below video presented by the YouTube channel newLEGACYinc:

The error seemed to result from an issue with the game’s internal calendar, as Twitter user @TheShiningDown, the creator and operator of the /r/wwesupercard subreddit, discovered that the game could be played if players simply temporarily changed their “system date 1 day back”:

Thankfully, the next day the official 2K Support Twitter account announced that their team had created a fix for the issue:

WWE 2K20 has gained notoriety for having been notoriously buggy and broken since the game’s launch in October.

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These issues have ranged from referees failing to count pins, to desyncing issues in the game’s multiplayer modes, to horrendous, low-quality graphics.

Even two months out from the games release, players are still regularly tweeting their technical problems with the game using the hashtag #FixWWE2K20.

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