Artist Gainoob recently shared a pinup titled The Scarlet Assassin featuring Akame from Akame Ga Kill.

For those unfamiliar with Akame or the Demon Sword Murasame, she is the titular hero alongside Tatsumi in the Akame ga Kill! manga series Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro and the prequel manga Akame ga Kill! Zero by Takahiro and Kei Toru.

Akame is part of a team of assassins called the Night Raid and first appears in Chapter 1 of the manga and episode 1 of the anime.

Along with the other members of the Night Raid they are on a mission to assassinate Aria and her bourgeois family that torture and kill homeless people they pick up on the streets.

Akame is eventually instructed to take Tatsumi under wing and train him. She assigns him various chores such as cooking and fishing in order to prepare him for his first assassination mission against Ogre, a member of the Imperial guard.

Akame is typically seen carrying her Teigu, the One-Cut Killer: Murasame, a katana coated in a powerful poison that kills those cut by it within mere seconds. The sword also has the ability to strengthen its user for a short amount of time. Interestingly enough, the poison can only have one target at a time.

Akame also wielded the katana-based Shingu, Kilichimonji before obtaining Murasame. This sword has the ability to create permanent wounds that cannot be healed or closed.

As for her appearance, Akame is a young girl with red eyes and long black hair that comes down to her knees. She wears a sleeveless tank top with a white collar and a red tie.

She also wears a red belt over top of a red side skirt and black pleated skirt. On her hands she has a pair of red gauntlets and black gloves While on her feet she wears long black stockings and a pair of black boots. She sometimes wears a dark coat in battle.

Gainoob shared his pinup titled “The Scarlet Assassin” to Deviant Art.

He commented on the pinup stating, “Finally my Esdeath artwork has a pair now~ Hope you like it. ^^”

Take a look.

Back in July 2019, Gainoob had shared their “The Frozen Empress” pinup of Esdeath.

Gainoob commented, “Esdeath from Akame ga Kill! Another artwork for AnimeExpo LA 2019~”

Take a look.

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What do you make of Gainoob’s Akame pinup? Do you prefer the Akame or Esdeath pinup?