Artist Sangrde shared a pinup of Tokyo Ghoul’s Touka Kirishima.

Touka Kirishima is one of the main characters in Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul series. She first debuted in the first chapter of the manga as well as the first episode of anime.

She was originally a waitress who worked at the Anteiku cafĂ© and at the beginning of the story is antagonistic towards the story’s main protagonist Ken Kaneki. Kaneki discovers that Touka is a ghoul when he sees an old man attempting to sexually assault her. Once Touka believes that Kaneki is a ghoul, she kills the man with a swipe of her hand.

In shock, Kaneki eventually flees from Touka not believing that ghouls have been so close to him. However, struggling to deal with his transition to a ghoul, Kaneki later seeks out Touka and asks for help. She rejects him, even telling him he could go off and die.

The manager of Anteiku, Yohimura, would take Kaneki in and provide him with some human meat. However, Kaneki refused to the human meat and he found himself on the wrong end of Nishiki Nishio. Touka would interrupt the fight between the two and then easily defeated Nishiki.

She would then attempt to get Kaneki to feed, but he would refuse to do so. After berating him and warning him about the pain of starvation, she leaves him on his own.

That wouldn’t be her last encounter with Kaneki, she eventually finds him about to eat his best friend. She prevents him from doing so, knocks him out with her kagune, and thn takes him to Anteiku.

Kaneki would then be offered a position at Anteiku and become Touka’s coworker. The two would remain somewhat distant until Kaneki treated Touka’s wounds after a fight against a number of ghoul investigators.

After recovering, she would eventually begin to train Kaneki in combat and the two would begin to bond. Their bond would continue to grow as the story progresses as they deal with ever more increasing threats and survive major crises together.

Touka has an Ukaku Kagune. In the beginning of the story it manifests as a single wing and allows her to fire projectiles. It eventually manifests as two wings and allows her to fire much larger projectiles and can even act as a defensive weapon to block enemy projectiles.

The Kagune is surrounded in a lightning-like aura that allows her to generate electricity and use it when she deems.

As for Touka’s appearance she has bob-length black and purple hair with bangs that cover her entire face specifically her right eye. She is typically seen wearing her waitress outfit or her school uniform depending on what she happens to be doing.

When she is using her alter-ego “Rabbit” she wears a long coat jacket and her rabbit face mask. She also sometimes wears a blonde or pink wig to help further conceal her identity.

Artist Sangrde would depict Touka in her Anteiku outfit with her Kagune manifesting from her back on their Deviant Art page.

Take a look at the stunning piece of art work.

Touka Kirishima is not the only Tokyo Ghoul character that Sangrde has featured on their Deviant Art page. Sangrde also shared a drawing of Kaneki in his ghoul form.

Sangrde also shared a drawing of Special Class Ghoul Investigator Juuzou Suzuya.

Finally, Sangrde shared a drawing of Kaneki and Rize Kamishiro, who attempted to feed on Kaneki in the story’s first chapter and eventually became his organ donor after she perished in a construction site.

You can follow Sangrde on their Deviant Art page as well as on Facebook. They also have a Patreon account with various membership levels available for patrons.

What do you make of Sangrde’s drawing of Touka? Which Tokyo Ghoul piece by Sangrde is your favorite?

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