Honorable Mention: Firestar


Firestar generates, redirects, and absorbs radiation and then manipulates it into microwave radiation, fire blasts, and light generation among others. Her ability to absorb radiation depends on her environment. In certain environments she is able to take in cosmic rays and then deliver devastating attacks with the absorbed radiation. Firestar’s “hotness” depends on her environment and the amount of radiation she absorbs.

10. Sunfire

Sunfire Uncanny Avengers 7

Sunfire has the ability to ionize matter and convert it into its superheated plasma state at temperatures around one million degrees Fahrenheit. He then discharges the plasma in force blasts primarily emanating from his hands. In order to enhance his power, he absorbs both solar and electromagnetic energies. However, he requires an invisible field of psionic energy to protect him from his own powers and other outside sources.

9. Match

The Mutant Match

Match is the mutant name for Ben Hammil and he is the first on our list to truly have the ability of pyrokinesis. His head and body are constantly producing his heat, but he is able to control his temperature in order to protect his clothes from going up in smoke. His head is constantly aflame; however, the flame is not as hot as what it appears and does not burn upon touch. However, be wary when Ben’s short temper is unleashed and he really turns up the heat!