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January 17, 2024
DC is ‘relaunching,’ or putting more force into, its Elseworlds label with several new miniseries – but should you care?
Jor-El (Marlon Brando) sentences Zod (Terrence Stamp) and his associates in Superman: The Movie (1978), Warner Bros. Pictures
December 21, 2023
Warner Bros. Discovery is deepening their ties with ad-based streamer Tubi which will add more DC movies to their selection.
Batman (Kevin Conroy) has a surprise for the titular team in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (2024), Rocksteady Studios
December 18, 2023
Various leaks from Rocksteady’s upcoming ‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’ seemingly reveal a bad ending for Kevin Conroy’s Batman.
October 27, 2023
Chuck Dixon goes behind the panels to discuss why DC editor Archie Goodwin refused to publish a controversial Batman story.
Joker-First Kill
October 20, 2023
Joker: Folie à Deux might be the same old tired affair of a sequel rehashing the original and propping up a female lead with Harley Quinn.
October 10, 2023
During the 5G inititative talks, DC Comics almost green-lit a race swap of Batman for their main comic title, but retailers protested.
October 6, 2023
My Adventures With Superman won’t include Batman anytime soon according to series co-producer Josephine Campbell.
September 22, 2023
Tim Burton is unhappy with Warner Bros. for digging up and mishandling his takes on Batman and Superman in The Flash with bad VFX.
September 4, 2023
James Gunn cut a “voice-only” cameo by Ben Affleck from Blue Beetle, or did he? The DC Studios executive told his side.
The Joker laughs at the corpse of a mob boss in 'Batman' (1989), Warner Bros. Pictures
September 1, 2023
James Gunn, the new head of DC Studios, does not like two of the best Batman movies that elevated his brand and company decades ago.