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How We Got Started

BoundingIntoComics.com has been providing comic book exclusives and industry insights since John Trent launched the site in 2014. What started as a destination for comic book news and reviews has grown into a comprehensive hub for nerd culture. Bounding’s team of comic/anime/gaming/movie/television aficionados leverage their network of press contacts, industry insiders, and content creators to deliver exclusive news, commentary, and insights. 

Bounding Into Comics focused primarily on all things comic book when it launched in 2014. After being acquired by Aurora Media, Inc. in 2017, the site experienced an explosion in audience and revenue which allowed Bounding to grow its writer stable and expand into new verticals like Celebrity, Anime, and Video Games. In 2023, the site’s reputation as an authority in the comics industry earned it a spot in The Publisher Desk portfolio.

All content on Bounding Into Comics reflects the subject matter expertise and opinions of the writer. The team does not rush to publish information without regard to accuracy. Errors are quickly and carefully corrected as they come to our attention. If you spot an error, please send it to: admin@boundingintocomics.com

Meet the Bounding Into Comics Team

Bounding Into Comics editor Spencer Baculi

Spencer Baculi

Our resident EIC, Spencer Baculi (@kabutoridermav) is a lifelong anime fan, comic book reader, and video game player who believes that Ben Reilly is the best version of Spider-Man.

Josh Berger

Josh Berger is an Associate Editor for Bounding Into Comics. He writes the kind of content that could potentially end up triggering that certain, self-proclaimed “tolerant” demographic.

Bounding Into Comics contributor Jon Del Arroz

Jon Del Arroz

Jon Del Arroz is a leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, a #1 bestselling author, and an award winning commentator. He is a contributor to the Federalist and his books are available on Amazon.

Bounding Into Comics author JB Augustine

JB Augustine

Writer, journalist, comic reader. JB Augstine covers all things DC and Godzilla. Fan since Batman TAS was brand new. Favorite character is between Swamp Thing and Darkwing Duck.

Bounding Into Comics Rotten Tomatoes certified movie reviewer Chris Sawin

Chris Sawin

Chris Sawin is a Tomatometer-approved film critic who has been writing about film for over a decade. Chris enjoys eccentric cinema, nasty horror films, and animation done right. On Rotten Tomatoes

Brett R. Smith

Brett R. Smith is a Professional Commercial Artist who got his start with Chaos Comics before working with DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, and more. Brett has #1 bestselling graphic novels with NYT and Amazon. X @BrettRSmith76

Bounding Into Comics contributor Stephen Kent

Stephen Kent

Stephen Kent is the author of How The Force Can Fix The World and founder of GeekyStoics, which focuses on finding philosophy in pop culture. Stephen is a political writer and TV/radio commentator by day and contributes to Bounding Into Comics.

Bounding Into Comics contributor Matt Battaglia

Matt Battaglia

Creator and columnist Matt Battaglia is the executive producer at Free the People and an award-winning documentarian whose work in comics started with coloring for BOOM! Studios and Roche Limit at Image Comics. His solo works include Ghosts of the Carousel and House on Fire .

Bounding Into Comics YouTube Cider Hype

Cider Hype

A self proclaimed “One Man Cultural Movement”, Bounding Into Comics’ YouTube producer Cider Hype is no ordinary creator. He enjoys global pop culture and blending the familiar with the exotic.

Bounding Into Comics movie reviews  by Jacob Smith of Society Reviews

Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith, editor and founder of Society Reviews, is a right wing Christian film critic and entertainment commentator who is mean to Hollywood 95.4% of the time and has penned over 970 movie reviews.

Marc Clair

A lifelong fan of comics and pro wrestling, Marc Clair seemingly never shuts up about either. Marc is an award-winning broadcaster who’s worked for NFL Network and Fox Sports, co-host of the Second Print Comics podcast, and host of The Marc Clair Show. You can find him “tweeting” at @MarcClairShow.

Selvir Katich

Selvir Katich

Selvir is an indie screenwriter, director, avid gamer, and life-long movie buff. He created the channel ‘Narrative Arcade’ with the belief that story comes before everything. On Twitter/X @SelvirKatich.

Nerdigans on Bounding Into Comics

Nerdigans Inc.

Since 2015, Nerdigans has provided in-depth coverage of just about every ongoing manga from One Piece to Kingdom, news, weekly oricon rankings, anime adaptations, and more. Check out our YouTube.

Paul Hair

Paul Hair is an author who writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. Follow him on Gab (PaulHair). His fascinating books are available at his Amazon Author Page.

Boundng Into Comics founder John Trent

John F. Trent

John is the founder and former Editor-in-Chief here at Bounding Into Comics. He is a massive Washington Capitals fan, lover of history, and likes to dabble in economics and philosophy.

Bounding Into Comics is a proud member of the The Publisher Desk portfolio.