It seems everyday we see a story where artists, companies, and players come under fire for behavior that a small group of people don’t agree with. Today, the Collar6 webcomic has fallen victim to a DDoS attack. A DDoS attack is a type of Denial of Service attack where multiple compromised systems are used to target a single system which in turn can crash servers.

To provide some context, Collar6 is an Animesque webcomic created by Latex-Acolyte best described as Dragon Ball Z meets BDSM T(in case you don’t know, BDSM is an umbrella term used for certain types of erotic behavior between consenting adults). The basic story is about a woman, her wife, and their relationship. It previously updated on Tuesdays and Fridays. It’s definitely Not Safe For Work.

It would seem the catalyst for the attack was a tweet that occurred on November 11th of last year. The tweet in question shows Manveer Heir a developer for Bioware, who has worked on games such as Mass Effect, drinking out of a black mug that says “White Tears” after Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s loss last October. In which Latex-Acolyte responded “@manveerheir I guess my ‘white dollars’ will be better spent on other titles. Thanks for making your bigotry public”. There was no real reaction to his tweet to Heir until it was retweeted a few days ago.

At this moment Latex-Acolyte’s web hosting account has been suspended because of the DDoS attacks that have been happening over the last few days. It’s unknown when Collar6 will be up again to be viewed by fans. Although Latex-Acolyte has responded to the current situation on his deviantart page:

It does seem that shortly after the retweet this began. But they’re mistaken if they thin[k] cutting my site will lead to some regret or apology from me. It is strange that they went straight for the DDoS with such aggression instead of the usual false reporting, but I guess it’s not unheard of to go right for the jugular. Thanks again for pointing this out to me. I don’t have a reddit account, but I’ll be following the thread now to see if anything turns out. And thanks to everyone there for the support. Much appreciated.

The thread Latex-Acolyte is referring to can be found on the popular gamer gate subreddit, Kotaku in Action.

This isn’t the first time an artist has made politically incorrect statements, and it won’t be the last time. I wish Latex-Acolyte the best of luck in his future work, and I also hope Collar6 will be up soon. Only time will tell what the outcome of this situation will be.

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  • KiTA

    I would object to his statements being called “politically incorrect.” What Manveer Heir said would have been completely objectionable if the races had been erased. Imagine the outrage if George Zimmeran had posed with a similar cup after one of the recent police shooting events, for example.

    Latex Acolyte was perfectly in his rights to object to them on those grounds, as did tens of thousands of other people.

  • I think your exact reasoning for saying it isn’t politically incorrect is why it is. He has the right to object to Manveer Heir’s statements and I would say he is right in doing so.

    Just so you know where we are coming from, here is a link to the urban dictionary defining politically incorrect:

  • Jorge

    I agree that what Manveer Heir had said were objectionable, my statement about an artist being politically incorrect was directed at Latex Acolyte. Thanks for the comment!

  • Kriidah

    What part was ‘politically incorrect’? Not doing business with bigots now is ‘politically incorrect’?

  • Gretchen Marsden

    What I want to know now is how can we bring Collar 6 back?

  • Jorge

    No, the content of his comics is seen by others as politically incorrect. Not doing business with bigots is the right thing to do period.

  • Draca

    exactly how is the content of Collar6 politically incorrect?

  • I believe the fact that he referred to Manveer Heir, a racial minority, as a bigot is politically incorrect because the belief is that minorities can’t be bigots.

  • Nick Moore

    Then please allow me to assist in being even more “politically incorrect” by debunking that belief. Between what my Taiwanese ex-girlfriend explained about “white rice” — I’d never be accepted or considered an equal by the Asian community (anywhere in the world, not just Vancouver, BC where she lived) — and from observing humans in general for the past 39 years, let me assure you…

    …as long as there are three humans living on the planet at any time, there’s always going to be an Other. That’s human nature. It doesn’t matter what race, ethnicity, nationality, economic status, whatever, any human is capable of choosing to become a bigot.

    THAT is a choice, as is how one responds to them. Not to be White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, First Nation, gay, straight, those are not choices.

    I followed that particular thread on Collar6’s Twitter page. It was very much more informative on Heir’s mental state (which Latex-Acolyte described as “dangerous”, if I recall correctly.) I’m sorry, but there are far worse bigots than Heir out there — and one’s a party frontrunner for my country’s Presidential election. Y’all need to put on your big boy panties and deal with the Heirs and Trumps of this world, because if you only hear Heir’s side of things, bigots are all you’re going to have.

  • Nick Moore

    Because it’s not “50 Shades of Sexual Assault”, and to society Christian Grey is considered BDSM (he violated more rules and policies than Ana’s body). That’s why you never see actual community members (Safe, Sane, Consensual) in public areas — vanilla people can’t handle their own sexuality, so they make it illegal for everyone else but themselves to enjoy it.

    I’m proud to be a fan of Collar6. If anything, it explained a lot of things about my dominant nature that I never really understood and nobody was brave enough to explain in high school sex ed (even in the early 90’s.)

  • I don’t think you understand why we are calling it politically incorrect. Here are the definitions that I linked above from urban dictionary:

    For the most part, factually correct.

    Saying whatever you god-damn wanna say, and expressing your opinions, and not giving a shit if a spineless minority deems it “offensive”.

    So by those two definitions not only is the content of his work politically incorrect but so is the idea that a minority can be a bigot.

    Let’s put it another way would you prefer his content be politically correct?

  • Nick Moore

    I’d prefer people just decide for themselves if they want to read it, and not decide that they know what’s better for everyone else. FFS, I have to listen to bigots all bloody day, even AFTER I retired from working as a Young Adults Department reference librarian.

    I got paid there to be told by Puritans that I can’t read “Hatchet” or “Captain Underpants”. I sure as hell don’t get paid to be told by Puritans that I can’t kick back at my own home, and use the internet that *I* pay for (not the Puritans!) to read what I bloody well want to.

    …wait… “politically incorrect” is considered “factually correct” now? Best not tell the RWNJs.

  • SamBones

    i used to read your comic all the time ( crashed my PC) and i saw nothing wrong with it even if i was never that in to bdsm it was a good read and more about characters living that life ( with a little fantasy) than trying to push anything on anyone.. i hope you find a new host soon and look forward to reading again

  • Sweety Racine

    He whined about the wrong thing and took it way more seriously than needed. Womp womp, site’s gone. He’s still on Tumblr.