If you haven’t seen it yet, Frank Cho was commissioned by UDON to create a cover for their upcoming Street Fighter Legends Cammy #1 comic. The cover was done with Milo Manara’s Spiderwoman pose in mind.

Cho added the cover to his Facebook page knowing full well the outrage would ensue:

Here’s the latest cover I did for UDON featuring the booty-ful Cammy. The art director wanted Cammy in the infamous Manara’s Spider-Woman pose because he’s anti-censorship as I am.

Let the outrage begin. 😉

And did the outrage begin. Bleeding Cool ran an article full of tweets from your everyday Joe quite upset about the cover. However, not all of the outrage came from your everyday twitter user. The writer of Cammy #1, Jim Zub, even chimed in. However, Darth Vader and Wicked + The Divine scribe Kieron Gillen took the outrage to the next issue by issuing a call to smear Cho:

That call was answered by artist Jonathan Wyke with the following image:

But Wyke wasn’t the only one to smear Cho, Sam Maggs, a former writer at The Mary Sue and now an Assistant Writer at BioWare offered her own attack:

Cho initially responded to the criticism in typical Cho fashion:

HA! This is too funny. 🙂

Some of the overly sensitive people are upset that I drew a sexy image of a sexy character who runs around in a thong.

However, just a few hours later Cho decided to be more aggressive with his defense given the nature of Wyke’s scathing smear:


Okay, several people have brought up this interesting observation over the naked image of myself on Bleeding Cool by the photo-tracer, Jonathan Wyke, after encouraged by Kieron Gillen.

They pointed this photo-traced art is in fact, SEXUAL HARASSMENT since I’m a real person and not a fictional character.

Also they noted, if I was a FEMALE artist and Jonathan Wyke depicted me in this fashion, the public outcry would be far different and more shameful.

Food for thought.

Cho is 100% correct in assuming if he was a FEMALE artist that the public outcry would be far different and more shameful. Kieron Gillen’s actions are childish and shameful. His encouraging of a personal smear against a fellow creator is completely unprofessional and absolutely unacceptable. However, Jonathan Wyke’s actions are even more damning by taking on Gillen’s immature challenge. The people attacking Frank Cho for creating a piece of artwork should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Their behavior is disgraceful.

UDON’s Cammy #1 hits comic book shelves this July!

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  • Wolfe

    Thank you for covering this and for reflecting the views of most of us comic readers.

  • Thanks Wolfe for the support! We will continue to do so.

  • CRES

    Now all we need is more of these people in the Video Game industry.

  • j d

    Thanks, this was neat. Cho is great fun.

  • FiachSidhe

    Then again Frank Cho is one of the most shameless artists in comics. Draws all women as sexual objects, and flies into a rage over criticism. He’s picked fights with his critics over the same instance for months. Finally someone drew him the way he draws women. One might think this would be cause for some introspection. But not Cho. He LOVES pissing people off. So he’s fair game.

  • slgates

    Sexy females in comics?! What is the world coming to?!?

  • ☢ Michael-sama

    Cho keeps fighting the good fight, good to know.

  • Juju

    Sam Maggs? Maybe if she’d spent a little more time doing her *job*, and a little less perusing Twitter to sexually harass people, the writing in the most recent Mass Effect game wouldn’t have been so embarrassingly bad.