The Real Top 10 X-Men of All Time!

The Real Top 10 X-Men

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1 2 3 17

I was spurred to create this when I saw a similar list on Needless to say, I disagreed with their list. As an X-Men fan, I have my personal favorites when it comes to X-Men. Amongst different personality types, everyone has a varied list of their top 10 from Xavier’s team.

I tried to compile this list by looking at the numbers, analyzing story structure, and character development. I saw that there are a few characters over the years who have brought in the significant sales/readership to the X-Men titles and for their own solo series. These characters usually contribute substantially to their team stories while being interesting characters in both growth and in backstory. So here’s my list for the Top 10 X-Men!

If you don’t agree you can always vote at the end or make your own list!

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  • Sort of pointless, don’t you think? Marvel has killed off Wolverine, ruined the Uncanny X-Men, and is destroying the industry as a whole.

    Disney knows the score. They know the industry is at its end, they jacked up prices, hired cheap talent (Jack Kirby and Dave Cockrum would have wanted a beer or whiskey, not a “milkshake”), and are treating the comics like a wasting asset. Inside of 5 years there will be no more superhero movies.