The video of Keaton Jones recounting how he has been a victim of bullying took the internet by storm. Many celebrities and athletes poured out their support and well wishes to the youngster. Even some Avengers got into the fray. Captain America’s Chris Evans and The Hulk’s Mark Ruffalo invited him to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere in May.

It didn’t take long for internet detectives to dig up dirt, not against Keaton, but his mother Kimberly. A user who goes by Queen Mel claimed that his mother Kimberly Jones is a racist based off a Facebook post which shows her in photos next to Confederate flags.

Kimberly Jones denied the claims she was a racist. And apologized for posting the pictures to Facebook saying, “I’m sorry. I am sorry.” She also denied the false allegations that she was attempting to profit off the video. However, I’m not really sure why she is apologizing for posting pictures of the Battle Flag of the Northern Virginia Army. Many in the South wave the flag as a symbol of Southern heritage. In fact, it’s been referred to as the rebel flag, Dixie flag, and Southern cross.

It didn’t take long for fans to turn their eye to Chris Evans and other Marvel Studios stars who had invited Jones to be their guest. Many accused Keaton of calling kids the “N’ word at school without any evidence to back up their claims. The kid who had become a hero for speaking up against bullying, now found himself in probably the biggest bullying attack of his life.

Don Cheadle, who plays War Machine, appeared to succumb to the pressure and said Keaton was no longer invited to the Avengers: Infinity premiere.

Instead of Keaton, Ruffalo and Cheadle invited another kid to join them for the Avengers: Infinity War premiere.

Evans backed the decision by Cheadle and Ruffalo.

However, fans still decided to bully Chris Evans to ensure Keaton Jones was uninvited.

One Twitter user even referred to Keaton and his Mother as the devil.

Keaton and his mother spoke up about bullying and in return they became an even bigger victim. The Twitter lynch mob went after Keaton and his Mother without any evidence and spewed lie after lie in order to disparage him. It’s absolutely disgusting.

What was supposed to be an amazing story with someone like Captain America taking a stand for a bullied child, turned into a mob going after a child because of the supposed actions of his mother. True or not, what his mother did in the past shouldn’t have cost him the ability to go see the Avengers movie with some heroes. But it did. Now Keaton Jones hasn’t even returned to school since the video has gone viral. It makes me wonder if all of this harassment against both Keaton and Chris Evans was worth it.

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  • Natalius

    Of course bullying a young child was worth it to the left. In fact I cannot wait until this kind of behavior keeps up because all it does is expose more and more normal people to this abhorrent behavior.

    This is a CHILD. A KID. How pathetic are these liberals that they go after a child? I know the conservative base can be pretty ruthless as well, but the last time I saw a kid getting backlash from the left was when a teenager built a clock “all by himself” and it turned out to look like a fucking bomb and Obama was like “GREAT CLOCK! COME TO THE WHITE HOUSE!”

    All this kid did was talk about bullying and shit. He didn’t make something that looked like a bomb but, since he is white, he should just burn in hell according to these leftists.

    These are the same people that condemned a man for shooting a teenager in self-defense (as bullshit as it was for him to chase down the kid) but said NOTHING when a black woman kidnapped and blow-torched a 10 year old white boy to death a year earlier.

    The left needs to be ended. Simple as that.

  • Endeavour

    F*ck the twitter mob. Even if any part of their wild proofless accusations was true, Chris still could have been a symbol of overcoming prejudice to this kid and others.

    The fact that racist f*cks like Tariq act like this only further cements why I – a Sanders voter and liberal – want nothing more to do with the fringe left that has taken over “my side” of the political debate. F*ck all of them.