Kylo Ren Arrives at Disney Parks

Starting in February, both Walt Disney World and Disneyland will be offering a new meet and greet experience with none other than Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Not only will you get to face off against Kylo Ren, but you will find him at the new Star Wars Launch Bay at both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland. Kylo Ren will greet guests on the bridge of his First Order Star Destroyer, The Finalizer. Visitors will also come across a platoon of First Order Stormtroopers or even run across Chewbacca, who is holed up inside a secret Resistance base.

The Launch Bay will also feature kiosks where guests can play current and upcoming Star Wars videogames and purchase exclusive merchandise. There will also be a number of props and costumes from the various Star Wars films available to peruse.

The Launch Bay and Kylo Ren join the increased Star Wars presence at the parks that includes the Season of the Force event at Disneyland and Star Wars Awakens at Walt Disney World. Both of these events feature Star Tours, which has included a new Jakku sequence with an appearance by Finn and BB-8, specialty food and merchandise, as well as Jedi Training: Trails of the Temple, where young visitors battle their favorite foes.

Are you ready to face down Kylo Ren or will you decide to join forces with him and join the Dark Side?

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