13. Kryptonite Gum

The most recently created gadget on the list, the Kryptonite gum created by Scott Snyder in the pages of Batman is a deceptively simple homage to an espionage trope of both fact and fiction. A fake tooth is usually home to cyanide, a spy’s “last resort.” To Batman, the only situation that would warrant such a last resort would be a fatal fight with Superman. Only usable within spitting distance the gum serves as the final trick up his sleeve when facing the most powerful being on the planet.

12. 3D Sonar Lenses

Utilizing the massive sonar system bouncing off of Gotham citizen’s cell phones, Batman is able to see in complete darkness thanks to the 3D mapping created by the system. It’s an almost-omniscient viewpoint of any location within the massive scope of the far-reaching signal. Ultimately, Batman and Lucius Fox deem the gadget too powerful for this world; retiring it by the end of the film.

11. Detective Mode

Made famous by the Arkham Asylum video game series, Detective Mode proves to be more than the Instagram filter it resembles at first glance. It’s an invaluable tool with which you can further explore the dense Arkham underworld. From accenting clues to detecting a rising heartbeat, Detective Mode resembles what it must be like for a normal person to look through the eyes of the world’s greatest detective.

10. The Batmobile

Almost excluded from the list, the Batmobile is the most famous occupant of the BatCave other than the man himself. It comes in all shapes and sizes from the the tank-like Tumbler from The Dark Knight to the antiquated black firebird from the Adam West show. As the most recognizable car in fiction, the Batmobile is most interesting when altered or interpreted to better resemble that Batman in the driver’s seat.

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