In our latest edition of hero hunt, Captain America has once again become lost! No, he’s not frozen in the Atlantic, but he is missing at the ancient city of Troy.

Captain America went on a time-traveling mission to truly discover what happened at Troy. Unfortunately, his ride out of the ancient city left him stranded! Now he needs your help to find him.

If you remember playing Where’s Waldo, it’s the same idea except you have to find Captain America.

Could he be hiding within the Trojan horse? Maybe he’s getting a lift on a boat. Or did he end up joining in on the battle? Help find Captain America!

If you are having trouble spotting him. Just scroll down for the answer!

Captain America Where's Waldo

Still can’t find him? Not to worry. He’s right here:

Captain America Troy Answer

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Share with your friends and family and see if they can help save Captain America from his time-traveling excursion!