Captain America has got himself lost once again! This time he’s surrounded by a number of Where’s Waldo clones! There also seems to be a giant dragon and a statue of a man hiding his eyes!

Nick Fury has an important mission for Captain America and he needs him back at the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier STAT! Help find Captain America so he can report into Nick Fury and save the world!

If you remember playing Where’s Waldo, it’s the same idea. except instead of finding Waldo, you have to find Captain America!

Could he be hiding near the dragon? What about around the man hiding his eyes? Nick Fury needs you to find him! Find him or it could be the doom of the world!

If you are having trouble spotting him, just scroll down for the answer!

Hero Hunt Captain America

Having trouble finding him? He’s right here:

Hero Hunt Captain America Answer

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