It’s one heck of a scary world. It seems that it’s getting worse each day since we cannot go 24 hours without another horrific crime coming to light. While people are being exposed for being scumbags and real-life villains, Daredevil’s Charlie Cox took his superhero persona into the real world to make a difference.

Charlie Cox visited Blythedale Children’s Hospital to spend some time with some very sick kids. Blythedale is New York’s “only freestanding, specialty children’s hospital.” Along with providing multi-disciplinary patient care, teaching, research, and advocacy programs it is also the only hospital in New York State with its own, on-site public school district.

Charlie spent a few hours with the children answering questions, telling stories, and even explaining a bit about the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. The fun didn’t stop there. He also brought each child a Daredevil/Punisher reversible beanie from Lootcrate. After handing out the hats, he continued to answer questions and spend time with the children. One patient even got training on how to defend against sibling rivalry!

Charlie Cox Blythedale

You can tell it really made their day! Check out the video from the Blythedale Children’s Hospital below!

It reads:

Thank you #CharlieCox for unmasking from the title-character of the @netflix series @Daredevil to visit patients at @Blythedale and give away some @lootcrate goodies. #TeamBlythedale #DoGoodDaredevil. For more:

Seeing the men and women who bring our much-beloved heroes to life on screen has been amazing. Over the last 15 years, Marvel has done an amazing job. But to watch them really go out of their way and embody that spirit; that goodness is beyond words for me.

Every day we see horrible news, stories like this show there truly is good in this world. Thank you Charlie for this amazing act of charity!

Daredevil returns sometime in 2018.