Many of us who follow Stephen Amell on social media know that his love for pro wrestling isn’t a secret. He’s made multiple trips to the square circle over the years. Each one displays both his passion for the sport and his own athleticism. Last week he made his return to wresting during a Ring of Honor event where he was thrown into a table!

A few years ago, Stephen Amell went to WWE SummerSlam to make his pro wrestling debut. There he competed in a tag team match that saw the actor perform at a pro-level. Most were impressed by the newcomers’ abilities and performance during SummerSlam. During Friday’s event, Amell joined The Bullet Club. The Arrow star shared the night with some fan favorites including Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks. Amell faced off against The Addiction, Flip Gordon, and Scorpio Sky.

During the melee heads where crashing, bodies flipping, and Stephen Amell went crashing through a table. But through it all, The Bullet Club and Stephen Amell picked up the hard-fought win that night.


Amell would later say everyone should go flying through a table at least once!

If the name Cody Rhodes sounds familiar you might remember him better as Stardust during his time in the WWE. During his time in the WWE, Rhodes had a pretty big rivalry going with Amell.  Here’s a refresher:

It’s no real surprise that the pair would again see that their paths would cross again. This time fighting on the same side. Since SummerSlam, both Rhodes and Amell have struck up a friendship and even have worked to help raise money for a few charities. This makes me wonder, as we see more of Stephen Amell take on more wrestling matches could we see a WWE future for the Arrow star? He’s proven his athletic ability both in the ring and in other events such as American Ninja Warrior.

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