Star Wars: The Force Awakens relaunched Star Wars to much fanfare. The J.J. Abrams directed movie raked in over $2 billion world wide and had a 93% Tomatometer Rating with an 88% Audience Score.

The film ended with one of the biggest cliffhangers in cinema history, Rey arrives on Ahch-To and presents Anakin Skywalker’s old lightsaber to Luke Skywalker. However, in a recent interview Mark Hamill revealed there was a very different ending to The Force Awakens that would have radically changed the plot of the most recent film, The Last Jedi.

“When we were doing [The Force Awakens]  Rian said, ‘Oh and by the way, I might have a couple of boulders floating to show your Force emanating. So, I was led to believe I would still have the Force and it was really strong in me.” Daisy Ridley chimes in and explains how this would have changed the entire story for The Last Jedi, “That’s funny too because that would have changed the whole story if they did that.” Hamill continues, “Of course! In fact, when I read [The Last Jedi] before [The Force Awakens] came out I said, ‘What!’ and I called…Did I call J.J. or Rian? Somebody I said, ‘Are you guys aware of this? Have you seen a cut? Is there floating boulders?’ They said, ‘No, no, we caught that and we worked it all out.”

Mark Hamill then goes on to explain how this new trilogy of Star Wars is radically different from the original trilogy, “But that’s the difference here. In the old days there was an overall outline. This one’s more like a relay race. The first guy runs the race and hands the torch off…J.J. now has to take Rian’s story and figure it all out.”

Hamill then reveals Rian’s new trilogy will not follow this relay race format. “The new trilogy will be different because Rian will have an overall outline for all three films.”

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Do you think this alternate ending would have been better and forced Johnson to deal with a Luke Skywalker who is still connected to the Force and extremely powerful? Do you like that Disney and Lucasfilm are treating this trilogy like a relay race and one director has to pick up from another with no clear outline?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently playing in theaters now.