After we broke the news that East Coast Comicon promoter Cliff Galbraith denied Kevin Sorbo from attending the Con, Sorbo spoke with Todd Starnes on his radio show.

He told Starnes, “I’ve never even heard of the East Coast Comicon. They don’t have any A-Listers attending. I think they are looking for free publicity.”

Sorbo reiterated neither he nor his booking had ever heard of the convention.

He went on to critique the political left and their constant stream of outrage.

“The Left always screams about tolerance and freedom of speech, but it’s a one-way street for them.”

Kevin Sorbo added, “I don’t get upset with someone having a different point of view.”

“The Left gets so angry and they go crazy,” Sorbo said. “What are you going to do? It is what they are.”

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Sorbo recently starred in the Sean Hannity produced film Let There Be Light. He also appeared in three episodes of The CW’s Supergirl as Lar Gand, the King of Daxam and father of Mon-El.

However, he’s most known for his starring role as Hercules in the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Hannity had his own thoughts on Cliff Galbraith and the East Coast Comicon.

He told the Todd Starnes Radio Show that Galbraith is “just mad that comic book movies are just boring formulaic Hollywood drivel that people are tired of.” He then blustered, “I’ll pity the poor insecure guy who cannot escape his comic book world, and handle a little real world truth and reality and an opposing viewpoint. Take that Batman.”

Hannity’s opinion on comic book movies is a little misinformed. Five out of the top 10 highest grossing films in the United States were comic book movies. I don’t think that means people are getting tired of them at all. However, he does have a point about being formulaic, a well-known critique of many of the Marvel origin films. However, Logan was anything but formulaic and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 tread new water with fantastic character arcs with Yondu and Star-Lord.

However, Hannity does hit the nail on the head when he criticizes Galbraith for being so insecure as to deny Sorbo from the Comic Con because of his political beliefs.

But as Sorbo says, “The Left gets so angry and they go crazy.”

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