Out with the New, in with the Old

At the end of The New 52 era, Batman needed a new suit. Rebirth was to be a MASSIVE event for DC Comics, after all. And as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo wrapped up their Batman run the character was in need of a new look. So they gave him one. Capullo’s Rebirth suit brought back the yellow outline with the purple cape. A classic design that wasn’t afraid of a little color.

Well, as time goes on certain looks go out of fashion. Thus requiring new looks and redesigns from time to time. Well, writer Geoff Johns has been making some changes to the DC Universe in Doomsday Clock. Rorschach has a new identity; The Comedian has come back to life. Little did readers know, that artist Gary Frank is also making some big changes to the DC Universe.

In the pages of Doomsday Clock #3, released this past Wednesday, fans noticed that Batman was sporting a brand new suit. Like the design from Batman: Earth One, also by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the suit features the yellow emblem on the chest of a black and gray suit. This had a few fans questioning the timeline of Doomsday Clock. Since this resembles the Batman: Incorporated suit, could this mean the story is somehow pre-Flashpoint? That’s most likely untrue given Geoff Johns previously revealed Doomsday Clock would take place one year in the future from the current DC Universe continuity.

And since this story takes place a year in the future, we had to wonder if the other Batman books would adapt this new suit. Artist Gary Frank had the answer.

Doomsday Clock was always going to have major implications for the DC Universe, but it would seem the story is already impacting DC Comics. One yellow Batman symbol at a time.

It looks like Tom King will be introducing a new Batman suit sometime in the next year. Since David Finch is no stranger to the Batman: Incorporated suit, chances are he could be the artist to make the transition.

Back to Basics

Rebirth has been about bridging the old with the new. Sometimes literally. The pages of Superman have seen The New 52 iteration of the character merging with the pre-Flashpoint version. Giving us the Superman for all time.

So chances are, other DC Comics characters will be getting a similar face-lift. Fans are clamoring for their veteran, aged superheroes that have been seemingly dormant since 2010. It appears now is the time that DC is bringing them back. Whatever shape the next phase of the DC Universe takes will be revolutionary but recognizable. It’s about bringing back the old personalities and continuities that fans, and probably writers/artists, have been clamoring for. While giving Batman a new suit that resembles one of his classic looks isn’t exactly a major change, it’s a start.

Just how will Tom King introduce this brand new suit? Nobody knows. A lot of his Batman run so far has been about bridging old stories with new ideals; old characters with new looks. So it wouldn’t be out of the question for Batman: Incorporated to make an appearance in King’s run, leading to the new suit. Or King will go with a brand new story with which he can introduce this brand new suit. Either way, it’s always fun to see some cosmetic changes made to a favorite character.

While the purple cape will be missed, the yellow bat-symbol is a very welcome sight. Some will notice it most closely resembles the Bat-Signal that sits atop Gotham PD. Because like the “S” on Clark’s chest, that signal embodies hope. A call to a hero in the hope that he will answer.

On Batman’s chest the yellow symbol is a reminder that when Gotham calls, the Dark Knight of DC Comics will answer.