While Dick Grayson has yet to join the DC Cinematic Universe, his arrival is a long time coming. The Lego Movie co-director and The Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay is directing Grayson’s next big screen debut. He previously directed his latest debut in The Lego Batman Movie where Michael Cera gave voice to the character alongside Will Arnett’s Batman. A great duo. Hopefully, McKay can bring the same magic to the casting of the Nightwing movie. Unfortunately, to do that it’s going to take time.

That’s the point of McKay’s “update,” which he offered on Twitter. First, is the update involving the film’s status.

While it can be a little disappointing to think of how long audiences still have to wait, there’s no bad news in that message. A production team taking their time is a very good thing. One of the reasons Christopher Nolan said The Dark Knight trilogy is so special is because of the time they had to make them. McKay is a lucky man, in that regard.

The next offering from McKay is a bit more fun, and interactive! It’s clear that casting for the character is still in the early stages. So the director asks fans what they would like to see in a Nightwing actor.

THIS is how creatives should interact with fans.

A Twitter poll is not going to determine who plays the next Nightwing. But it helps Warner Bros. and McKay learn what audiences want in their hero. So they can find the best actor for that iteration of the character. Making the film for the fans by asking the fans what they want to see in the character? Not a bad idea.

Ben Affleck’s Batman might not be around to give Nightwing a helping hand. Thankfully, a “badass martial artist” wouldn’t need one.

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