New Plot Details Hint At Woody Harrelson’s Role as Carnage in Upcoming Venom Movie!

Woody Harrelson Carnage

A teaser trailer for Venom recently caused some uproar with some parts of the internet. And almost a week after, we have more news coming out about the film. This time with some potential plot spoilers regarding earlier casting news from back in December. Woody Harrelson was in talks to play a part in the new Venom film, and he was cast in a part. Nothing more was said of his role other than being “a henchman of sorts.”

To find out what his role is, a new report from That Hashtag Show reveals a major plot point for the film’s ending:

“We know that filming recently took place in San Francisco and it appears that near the end of the film, possibly in a post-credit sequence, Brock will find himself in San Quentin prison, located just to the north of San Francisco. At San Quentin, it appears that Kasady finds himself under the care of Dr. Ashley Kafka, who introduces him to Brock but cautions him to keep his distance. From what our source is telling us, it is during this meeting between Brock and Kasady that a portion of Brock’s symbiote begins making its way towards Kasady before we cut to black!”

Harrelson, with such a storied career, just being henchmen #7 or whatever in an upcoming movie sounds suspect. This plot point sounds like something that happens at an end credits scene. Just like they teased us with Scorpion at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming in yet another prison scene. To add fuel to the fire  the recent news states that filming has wrapped – and Woody Harrelson doesn’t have one picture on set. We already figured he was playing Carnage, but it looks like he won’t be the main villain for the film.

The Natural Born Killer is… Back?

After playing the crazy Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers, it’s not much of a stretch for Harrelson to play Cletus Kasady. Kasady is famously a homicidal maniac, who meets Eddie Brock while serving several prison terms. In the comics, the Venom symbiote was attempting to break Brock out of that prison. The Venom symbiote was also pregnant at the time, and had spawned another lifeform. This lifeform latched on to Kasady. Thus Carnage was born.

Along with playing the serial killer Knox for the ’94 Oliver Stone film, Harrelson once took on the titular role of Tallahassee in Zombieland. A movie also directed by Ruben Fleicsher. Harrelson was probably a shoo-in for landing a role in the film, having worked with the director before. He also took on the mentor role in the Hunger Games trilogy.

For news to come out that he’ll be a mere henchmen is just PR keeping potential spoilers from the public. Until the movie comes out at least. But it looks like he won’t have much screen time until a potential sequel.

We’ll find out for sure when Venom hits theaters October 5th this year.

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