**Warning Potential Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War Below**

Thor’s brand new weapon for Avengers: Infinity War dropped online a couple of days. While we got a pretty good look at it, another toy gives us our best look at Thor’s Stormbreaker!

But this new toy also hints the weapon can hold one of the Infinity Stones. As you can see on the back of the box, Thor is wielding the Stormbreaker over his head with what appears to be the Space Stone equipped on the Stormbreaker. What’s even more interesting is that Captain America, Black Widow, and Star-Lord will also come with Infinity Stones. Captain America appears to have the Soul Stone, Black Widow will have the Power Stone as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star-Lord will have what appears to be the Reality Stone or the Aether as seen in Thor: The Dark World.

It’s more than likely Thor’s new hammer Stormbreaker will appear in Avengers: Infinity War.  A major theory indicates Thor, Teen Groot, and the Dwarf King Eitri who forged Mjolnir as well as the Infinity Gauntlet will craft Stormbreaker. Thor will discover the axe, Jarnbjorn, but it will be missing a handle. Teen Groot will give his wood to form the handle.

I’m highly skeptical we will see Thor wielding the Space Stone. Now grant it, he’s probably more than capable of wielding the Infinity Stone much like Ronan wielded the Power Stone. However, the fact that Black Widow, Captain America, and Star-Lord will also come equipped with Infinity Stones makes that part of the toy highly suspect. We already know Star-Lord cannot control a single Infinity Stone. In fact, he might be even weaker than previously thought because he destroyed his connection to Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Like Star-Lord, Black Widow is still just a human and it is unlikely she could wield an Infinity Stone. Captain America might be able to do to his enhancements, but we saw what happened with Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger. He was teleported up into space and appeared to be losing his skin in the process. If Red Skull can’t handle an Infinity Stone, the chances Captain America can handle one are also slim.

What do you think? Do you think these Avengers will wrangle the Infinity Stones from Thanos and somehow use them against him? Or are these just toys?