The 7 Coolest Powers from The Gifted

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The Gifted has given us something that we’ve longed for, for quite a bit. They’ve given us a more realistic take on a world where people have powers. The first season has shown us a number of powers that have taken life and acted as an important part of the show to not only build out the gritty world of The Gifted, but also help flesh out the interesting characters.

For example, the negative effects of this reality motivate Sentinel Services Jace Turner to hunt for members of the mutant underground. Then we have the Strucker parents who by all measurement are your all American family. But with the manifestation of powers within their own children, Lauren and Andy, the development of their characters show a realistic internal struggle that is well written this season. That is why this list will be taking a hard look at these powers with the seven coolest powers seen on The Gifted.

7. Blink’s Portals

If I could, there are at least a few times during each day I would create a portal and just go without thinking. The cool thing about The Gifted is that we meet Blink, played by Jamie Chung, at a point where the character’s power is itself at odds with her. It’s both an important and sought-after power, but one that is yet to be reliable on a consistent basis. This ability and the inability of its mastery helps to drive a number of the story plots for the main cast. Since the power isn’t quite where it needs to be they’re forced to try and figure out how and when to use this power. But it also shows that the Mutant Underground’s interest isn’t just in her power, but it’s in her and her ability to help them protect their fellow mutants.

6. Dreamer’s Mist

When I first saw Dreamer in action, two things instantly popped into my head. The first was the sheer potential of her ability. The second was the high quality CGI used to bring it to life.

However, with Dreamer’s potential there was also some huge drawbacks if the ability is not properly used. Earlier in the season Dreamer used her powers to “motivate” Blink to use her powers. She manipulated Blink in order to activate her powers and save John Proudstar. This left Blink distrustful of the group and even though provided a fast win for that day, it created a long-term issue we watched play out.

The same thing happens in the video below, but even worse. They were able to extract the information from Agent Turner, but left him in a state that he didn’t remember the death of his own daughter due to the yet to be explained event of 7/15. This turned Turner of a man of the law into a crusader who was willing to turn the other cheek in civil rights to put even more pressure on the team.

5. Eclipse’s Hands

Wouldn’t it be a pain to have flashlight fingertips? Well luckily for Eclipse his fingers are a bit stronger than that. The beams that come out of him can be as gentle to merely light a path, but also as intense as to destroy machines and can bodily harm.  We saw a great example of this when Eclipse, under duress, uses his powers to force another person to talk. On the show, the power is given a nice simple touch with lights most times. But at other times it shines through beautifully when Eclipse chooses to use the hands to give Polaris a nice light show. Like the rest of the characters, I cannot wait to see him continue developing his powers as time goes forward.

4. Polaris

Polaris had to be on the list. I mean the ability to manipulate metal is a huge deal, especially when metal makes up the vast majority of the weapons out there. And if you’re fighting against an oppressive government agency, you want to be able to disarm them.  Unlike in the X-Men films where we just see metal move and bend alone, we actually see Polaris manipulate the metal with a greenish effect. Combine that with her character’s natural green hair and it gives the character a fun effect that is extremely visual. All in all, it gives her a kind of “witch” look that helps to separate the character from Magneto, who has a very similar power and even has been referenced in the show.

3. John Proudstar

The tracking abilities of the Native Americans over the last few centuries has become something of legends. On The Gifted, John Proudstar is an embodiment of that legend in the modern day. Throughout the season we watch as he is able to use his mutant power to track, locate, and even outmaneuver Sentinel Services as the Mutant Underground fights to protect their own. For me what makes this character even more interesting is his own backstory. A Marine who spent time fighting in the conflicts of the Middle East has come home to fight a new type of conflict. His storyline and powers have done a wonderful job of enriching the show this season.


2. Wes

Wes is on this list because of his ability to manipulate images. For example, he can create visuals and screens to cover his tracks. Or to take you to a place you’ve never been before. The windows he creates has been shown to be a great asset for the Mutant Underground as they move assets and personnel away from the government. On the show, Wes’s powers have been shown to be amazing, and yet limited. Like many of the others, he has more room to grow in how he uses it and how powerful his illusions can become. As a fan of RPG’s, he reminds me of an illusion mage.

1. Lauren Strucker

Last but not least, Lauren Strucker’s ability to create barriers. It might not seem like much but her powers in my mind have some of the greatest potential on the show when compared to the rest of the Mutant Underground. The scene that brought this to my mind was when Blink was unconscious and unable to control her portal making. Every so often a portal would open up that would lead to the Mutant Underground’s base. Lauren used some quick thinking and was able to utilize her powers multiple times to close those portals. There are other examples of her using her barriers to keep projectiles from striking her allies. She even created a ramp to allow a truck to pass above a police barricade. Now combine that with time and practice and her barriers could become something quite potent against even some of the more powerful mutants out there.

There you have my list. I know there was at least one or two I might have left out that some may argue deserve to be on this list. So tell me! Who did I miss and why? I want to speak to you in the comments below!

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