Lynda Carter Talks Potential Wonder Woman 2 Cameo As She Receives Walk of Fame Honors!

Lynda Carter
HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 03: Lynda Carter attends the ceremony honoring her with a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame held on April 3, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Lynda Carter was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. Carter famously portrayed Diana Prince in the 1970s CBS series Wonder Woman. She would go on to play Carole Stanwyck in Partners in Crime, and Elizabeth Shields in Hawkeye. Lynda Carter would also play Governor Jessman in Super Troopers, Principal Powers in Sky High and Pauline in The Dukes of Hazzard. She also recently appeared on Supergirl as President Olivia Marsdin.

During the ceremony, as reported by Variety, Lynda Carter talked about a potential cameo in Wonder Woman 2. She told them, “I’m just going to leave it up to the universe and Patty.” The Patty she is referring to is Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

Jenkins was on hand at the ceremony to introduce Lynda Carter before she was honored with the Star. She arrives on stage at the 21:00 mark in the video above.

While Jenkins didn’t say one way or another whether Lynda Carter might appear in Wonder Woman 2, she did lavish her with praise, “[Lynda] is just about the coolest, smartest, most powerful yet elegant, beautiful and lovely person.” Jenkins would add that Carter is her “sister in the struggle.”

In conversations about Wonder Woman, Jenkins relays to Variety that the two “could have finished each other’s sentences” and they they’ve exchanged “some incredibly funny texts since then, where we both cut to the chase about wanting to defend others and strategize, which felt like the real encapsulation of our instant friendship.”

Jenkins added, “[It’s] quite incredible to become a part of the story with someone I admire as much as I do Lynda. As the years have gone on, I’ve come to admire that she carried that same spirit into her personal life as well. She lives an incredible and very unique and successful life. She’s had an incredible career but also [has] the personal life and family, which is just as successful.”

Given the close relationship between the two, one has to think Lynda Carter will show up in some fashion in Wonder Woman 2. If I was betting man, I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually ends up being part of Cheetah’s history. Cheetah is an original Wonder Woman villain, but the character has evolved over the years with at least four separate characters taking up the role. Lynda Carter might be able to join the cast as the original Cheetah Priscilla Rich. I could see something like Carter’s Rich acts as a mentor or a guide to Kristen Wiig’s younger version of Cheetah who will most likely be Barbara Ann Minerva. It’s possible Carter’s version might even be able to tell Wiig’s about Wonder Woman.

Do you want to see Lynda Carter cameo in Wonder Woman 2?

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