Disney promised us we would get a brand new Incredibles 2 trailer when they released a new poster yesterday, and they kept that promise. Take a look at the trailer above!

The trailer starts off with a funny moment between Violet and Dash as the Parr family enjoy some Chinese takeout together at the dinner table. Violet gives Dash a hard time about washing his wands. Then Dash like a typical young boy gets upset the Chinese is really just all vegetables!

The trailer quickly transitions to Elastigril’s new job as she works to rebrand Supers in the eye of the public. With Elastigirl out working, Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible stays at home with the kids. He’s got his hands full as Violet has typical teenager anger problems. But what might be his biggest hurdle is his powerful infant son, Jack-Jack who turns into a ball of flame and even teleports around the house. Bob has to resort to bribing him with cookies in order to keep him under control!

There are some pretty awesome action scenes which show that Mr. Incredible will see some action longside his wife and his family. We see Dash and Jack-Jack combine for some awesome speed teleportation.

We even get to see a little of Edna Mode, probably the most hilarious inducing character from the first movie. If you don’t remember Edna is the Supers costume designer. And she’s going to be working on a brand new suit for Jack-Jack. I can only imagine how hysterical her interactions with Bob are going to be!

And as the trailer winds down we get introduced to a brand new villain, the Scream Slayer. With the Scream Slayer on the loose the Incredibles are going to need some help from Frozone once again!

Incredibles 2 hits theaters everywhere on June 15, 2018.