**Warning Massive Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War Below**

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War promised an epic movie with massive consequences, and they absolutely delivered. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige told us in December the first five minutes were going to be something to look forward to.

He specifically said:

“Within the first five minutes of Infinity War people will understand why Thanos is the biggest and baddest villain in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

He would add:

“You know, we’ve been teasing Thanos since the very first Avengers film. Remember the end of Avengers, the very end of the movie he turns around in the chair and you realize something bad is coming. We’ve been teasing him for years and the trick is when you tease something for that long you have to deliver.”

And did they ever deliver. In the first five minutes, Thanos, with the Power Stone at his disposal, and his Black Order have completely ravaged the Asgardian refugee ship. There are dead Asgardians everywhere. We even see a wounded Heimdall. However, Thor, Loki, and the Hulk are still alive. They attempt to make a last stand against Thanos and his Black Order but it ultimately fails miserably.

The first death set the tone for the movie. Loki, ever the trickster, attempts to get one up on Thanos by using an enraged Hulk. It appears Hulk might actually get the  upper hand on the Mad Titan. But then Thanos shows off some excellent choreographed boxing and mixed martial arts maneuvers and easily whips the Green Giant. Seeing the battle is lost, Heimdall uses dark magic to send Hulk flying through space back to Earth in order to warn them of Thanos’ coming. For his actions, he is put out of his misery by Corvus Glaive, who stabs him right in the chest. It’s the first major death in the film.

With the Hulk out of the picture and Heimdall dead. That leaves only Thor and Loki left alive. For Loki’s betrayal on multiple occasions, Thanos chokes the life out of him as Thor watches helplessly entombed by the Ebony Maw. Once he has choked him he uses the Power Stone to explode the very ship with Loki’s lifeless body on board. Thor is sent flying unconscious in the wreckage.

And those are the two major deaths in the first five minutes of Avengers: Infinity War. Both Heimdall and Loki meet their end. Interestingly enough Valkyrie and Korg were nowhere to be seen.

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