Beware of MAJOR Spoilers to The Avengers: Infinity War, Ye Who Enter Here

With such a large cast and crew, it was hard for Marvel Studios to sneak any surprises into Avengers: Infinity War. Yet Peter Dinklage’s character was a complete mystery until the premiere of the film. There was a lot of speculation about who the talented actor could play. Would it be a motion capture performance? Could he be some mysterious alien? Well, it turns out the actor was playing within his wheelhouse.

Peter Dinklage played the character of Eitri. Eitri is a gigantic Dwarf who forges legendary weapons in Nidavellir.

The Dwarves of "Nidavellir" - Marvel Comics

The Dwarves of “Nidavellir” – Marvel Comics

Nidavellir is where Thor‘s hammer was forged as well as many of the wondrous weapons that existed in the realm before it was destroyed. When Thor realizes how strong Thanos is, he knows the only thing that can stop such a creature is a weapon forged from there. The location is based both on Norse Mythology, and of course Thor comics from the past. A great nod to some of the more ridiculously awesome side of the Marvel Universe.

When Thor finally arrives there he finds a dead star and a forge in disrepair. The only Dwarf alive is Eitri, played by Peter Dinklage. Thankfully, there’s no motion capture. This is literally a 3-story-tall Peter Dinklage running around on a planetary forge. It’s one of the most eerily beautiful locations in the entire film. Thor discovers that it was Eitri who created the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos, hoping he would then spare his people. He didn’t.

Forging the Stormbreaker

Thor' Stormbreaker - Marvel Comcis

Thor’s Stormbreaker – Marvel Comics

The only weapon capable of challenging Thanos is called Stormbreaker, a mighty axe of unfathomable power. Eitri, Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot all team up to put the amazing weapon together. That’s right, even Teen Groot helps by donating his arm when Eitri is unable to find a handle for the weapon. After it’s finished the team head to where they’re needed most. They leave Dinklage’s Eitri alone on Nidavellir.

When Thor returns to Earth, he puts it to good use against the forces of the mighty and somewhat unknown armies of Thanos. He wreaks enough havoc to help the Wakandans and the Avengers beat back the horrifying enemies they face. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. When Thor goes to strike the final blow against Thanos, he hit him right in the chest! A thunderous blow that hammers the Titan to near death. But as Thanos tells Thor right before “the snap,” he should have aimed for his head.

Since Thanos is still capable of closing the Gauntlet he still manages to destroy half of the Universe and kills many of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Unfortunately, the weapon that Eitri forged for Thor was not able to save the day. This time.

Hopefully, the awesome Stormbreaker, and its maker Eitri, will make a few more appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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