X-Men producer and the director for the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie Simon Kinberg attended the Deadpool 2 premiere and was asked about the possibility of a Deadpool/Wolverine movie.

Kingberg was pretty straight forward saying there’s a slim chance, but it’s more than likely not going to happen.

He told Variety, “I know that’s something Ryan [Reynolds] has been harassing Hugh Jackman about for a long time, but I produced Logan and I think we all felt like that was a really fitting end for that character. So, is there a chance? There’s always a chance, I suppose, but we felt that was the best goodbye for Hugh as Wolverine.”

Hugh Jackman most recently spoke to TMZ where he was asked about whether or not he would appear in Deadpool 2 or in a future Deadpool movie. His answers was pretty clear, “Ship has sailed, Ryan. Sorry brother.”

It seems that despite Ryan Reynolds’ constant quest to get Hugh Jackman to appear in a Deadpool/Wolverine movie, it’s not going to happen. We will be left with the abomination of X-Men Origins: Wolverine where Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson was turned into pretty much the opposite of Deadpool. His mouth is sown shut and he’s basically been turned into a super mutant combining a number of different mutant’s DNA and abilities to create the atrocity Ryan Reynolds plays.

While Hugh Jackman might not be up for a Deadpool/Wolverine film, let’s hope Disney or Fox finds an excellent replacement for Hugh Jackman so we can all erase the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version from our minds.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, 2018