Some might remember the tear-jerking moment when Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot hugged a young crying fan at San Diego Comic-Con last year. Well, Gadot is at it again. But this time she went out of her way to bring Wonder Woman to some kids in need.

Gadot visited the Falls Church Inova Children’s Hospital in Virginia in her full Wonder Woman regalia. It’s possible she might have come from the set as they’ve been filming the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, throughout the Washington D.C. area.  Falls Chuch is just a short drive from the city and Landmark Mall where they’ve been filming.

Just look at the joy she brings to the kids and staff. Her smile is truly infectious!

There was even a post from a Dr. Patty Seo-Mayer, Pediatrician nephrologist, who provided another group shot of Gal Gadot with the hospital crew.

One Mom thanked Gadot for taking the time to visit her 5-month old who is fghting Pediatric Cancer.

Fans, of course, were ecstatic to see not only new shots of Wonder Woman in costume, but they loved that she was bringing joy to these kids.

This makes me wonder now if we might see a full Justice League reunion sometime in the future where the gang can all rush some hospitals lighting up the days of some very sick kids. That would be amazing.