The Aquaman hype has slowly been building up to San Diego Comic-Con where director James Wan and company plan to debut the first trailer.

Not only will we be getting our first trailer in the near future, but we are also getting some excellent looks at the outfits for the upcoming film. We already got a good look at what we can expect Black Manta to look like earlier, and DC Collectibles revealed a classic near-comic accurate Aquaman suit.

However, it looks like Jason Momoa will be wearing more than one outfit in the movie. Not only will he be wearing his classic outfit, but he will also be wearing a kind of armored outfit as pictured below:

This is more than likely an early outfit he will be wearing as he still is wielding the Quindent seen in Justice League. The outfit also looks much more pedestrian and more than likely showcases that he’s on the outs with the realm of Atlantis. It also wildly differs from the outfit seen in the official poster.

It’s also interesting that the display case refers to the outfit as Arthur Curry’s rather than Aquaman’s. It’s quite possible this outfit could even be from a flashback scene as we know Batman called him the Aquaman in Justice League. It’s quite possible he hasn’t received the title of Aquaman yet while wearing this outfit.

The outfit itself is kind of odd. It features armored boots, an armored chest piece, a helmet, and what looks like an armored piece around his upper thighs, but the pants aren’t armored and it has no armor on the arms or along his midriff. Why would you have a chest piece, but nothing to cover up your stomach. It seems a little impractical.

Hopefully, Momoa’s Curry won’t be in this outfit for very long and he’ll don the iconic Aquaman armor as seen in the DC Collectibles sculpture from the film.

What do you think about this armor? Do you dig it? Or could it use some work?