The Judge Dredd: Mega-City One television show is one step closer to becoming a reality. 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Owners Rebellion announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the pilot script and plot for the first two years of the planned show have been completed by Rob Williams.

Williams is a prolific comic book writer having written a number of series for DC Comics including Suicide Squad, Martian Manhunter, Future Quest Presents, Aquaman, and Action Comics. He’s also written a number of stories within the Judge Dredd universe including “Paranoia,” “Heavy Duty,” and “Low Life.”

While the title might indicate that Judge Dredd would be the focus of the show, that will not be the case. Instead the show will be an ensemble drama and will focus on other Judges.

While Williams and a group  of writers have already plotted out the series, it will be helmed by former Syfy executive Mark Stern and Rebellion Productions. Rebellion creative director and CEO Jason Kingsley will be the executive producer with Brian Jenkins as the series producer.

“It’s been really exciting to be working with Rob on the pilot,” Jenkins said in a statement. “We have a really talented team here at Rebellion Productions and I’m really proud of them. Jason and I have been busy looking at locations and laying out season one as we gear up, to move forward into pre-production.”

Kingsley added, “I’ve read the pilot script by Rob and the team, and got that same thrill I did when I first discovered Judge Dredd. As we drive this project forward I’m always surprised by how much effort goes on behind-the-scenes to bring something like Mega-City One to the screen. I’m very pleased with how the whole project is coming together and looking forward to more exciting announcements in the coming months.”

The project was announced back in May 2017, and there have been plenty of rumors that Dredd star Karl Urban could reprise his role as Judge Dredd.

Urban had previously indicated he would be interested in reprising the role and had been keeping up to date on the series.

“No new news on that front. My understanding of where they are in the process is that they are in development, and they are writing and developing a sort of 10-episode based television series called Mega-City One. And I told them, if they write some great material for Dredd, and give him a real purpose and a function, that I would love to come back and be a part of it. So, let’s see what they do.”

The show had previously released some concept art for the show hinting the show could adapt one of the most famous Judge Dredd storylines “America.” The second image hints at Williams’ own “Low Life” story.

I know I’m super excited for this show especially if it acts a spiritual successor to the fantastic Dredd film. I can’t wait to see what Rob Williams and team have come up with and here’s hoping we get a comic book tie-in!