Today The Quartering’s Jeremy Hambly posted a video of the aftermath of a physical attack against him during Gencon 2018. GenCon labels itself as the “original, longest running gaming convention in the world!” It takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana.

**Warning strong language used in the video**

In the almost seven-minute video, Jeremy goes into detail about the evening and his attacker at Gencon 2018.

Throughout the video we see Jeremy showing off damage to his clothes and person. He even begins the video by showing an almost shattered glass window that the man allegedly punched. According to him, the attack happened at one in the morning and it took three people to pull off the attacker who began his attack by randomly walking up to Jeremy and inquiring about his identity.

It doesn’t stop there. After the attacker was pulled off Jeremy, Jeremy walked into a bar called “The Tin Roof” where the owner attempted to stop Jeremy from calling the authorities. However, Hambly was able to call the police and filed a police report.

Hambly claims the bar didn’t do anything to protect one of its patrons. He claims it didn’t have a bouncer and didn’t keep the guy out. The bar also refused to call the police.

Fortunately, a number of bystanders interrupted the attack and were able to keep the guy away from Jeremy. The attacked then decided to punch the bar’s window because he couldn’t get to him.

Hambly describes the attacker as a Gencon attendee who had a four-day pass hanging off of his neck. He claims the attack was unprovoked and the man punched him on the back of the head multiple times before he was able to separate. He also said he was wearing a rainbow sleeveless shirt.

He provided an update on Twitter where he reported he had a concussion and that the bar did not want to cooperate with the police.

He also notes the man had a friend.

Hambly has actively been calling for the Tin Roof Bar to release the security tapes to the public in order to find the attacker.

He also posted a photo of a man who he believes matches the description of his attacker.

Another Twitter user identified the man as Twitter user @Prettiest_Matt. This user has already protected his Tweets.

And then The Quartering reported multiple eyewitness confirmed that @Prettiest_Matt is the man who assaulted him.

Some Twitter users even believe that this might have been a premeditated attack.

The Quartering also provided another update claiming five eyewitness have identified the attacker as Matt Loter, the owner of Elm City Games. An article from the New Haven Register says Loter “has worked in the table top game industry as a designer/publisher for more than 12 years.” He also owns his own hobby game company, Prettiest Princess Games. The store is a membership-based hobby games business where members have to pay $20 per month to play games or $5 per day.

Loter also appears to be a Justice of the Peace in Connecticut. On a public Facebook page he was offering to marry individuals back in February 2017 stating:

“I don’t know nearly enough about immigration law to know if this is actually helpful, but if anyone needs to get married ASAP thanks to the racist garbage Trump is pushing, get at me and we can do it easily and quickly, within a day. Also for free. #NoBan #Resist

On Twitter, this morning after news broke of the vicious attack plenty of people had a bit to say:

It’s unclear why the man attacked Hambly, but it’s not too hard for one to guess it might be because of his burgeoning YouTube channel where he discusses a number of topics from Star Wars to ComicsGate.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Loter was trying to use violence in an attempt to silence Hambly and his opinion.

This violence isn’t uncommon these days. Many people on the extreme left proudly proclaim they want more people to “Punch a Nazi.” However, their definition of a Nazi appears to be anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders.

It’s despicable what has happened to Jeremy Hambly, but it’s unsurprising. Many on the radical left have been increasing their violent rhetoric over the past couple years,, and it looks like that rhetoric is turning into actual violent behavior. And what makes this even worse is that there are many pros in these industries who if not loudly and openly at least quietly support this behavior like Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse director Peter Ramsey, who made his support of Antifa, a terrorist organization, clear.

I hope the police in Indianapolis do their job and pursue this man and bring him to justice. Violence like this should not be tolerated.

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