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David Ayer has admitted that Suicide Squad wasn’t up to par. While there were a few highlights to the film, it wasn’t what many fans wanted. And it apparently wasn’t exactly what the director and writer wanted to deliver. Lucky for him, he might be getting a second chance at the DC Universe. Ayer has been rumored to be directing Gotham City Sirens for Warner Bros., which is expected to star none other than Margot Robbie as Harley. That should be exciting news for any DC fan.

All artists make mistakes and grow from them, or they don’t. Ayer has apologized to the fans for what was a pretty successful movie, at least financially. That takes guts. Now, both he and the fans will hold himself to a higher standard this time. Thankfully, he’s going right to the source to get the best story possible.

David Ayer recently posted about a meeting on Twitter.

Paul Dini isn’t just the writer of the Gotham City Sirens comic, he’s one of the most important Batman writers of the last few decades. He was one of the greatest minds on Batman: The Animated Series and is actually the co-creator of Harley Quinn. Making him especially important to the current DC Universe.

The fact that David Ayer is meeting up with Dini is encouraging news. He’s literally the de facto writer concerning Harley and should be the perfect source of inspiration for this new film. DC’s line-up is somewhat up in the air at the moment aside from Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 1984. As most know DC Films President Walter Hamada has been cleaning house when it comes to the bloated DC slate that was announced a while back. If he believes that David Ayer should continue making the Gotham City Sirens film, take that as a very good sign.

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